Did you know that there are many uses for Baby Wipes that have nothing to do with babies? There are!

These handy dandy, affordable wipes can be useful for all kinds of things!

Check out these 20 Useful Hacks for Baby Wipes that have nothing to do with babies!

I have been compensated by Johnson & Johnson for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.

20 Useful Hacks for Baby Wipes

20 Useful Hacks for Baby Wipes that have nothing to do with babies!

Eye Makeup Remover – much more affordable than make-up removing wipes, baby wipes get the job done just as well!

Remove Marks – Pen, pencil & crayon marks from most surfaces!

Static Cling – Tame hair and clothes with a swipe of a baby wipe!

Freshen Drawers – Add a few drops of essential oils to a baby wipe and place in a drawer! Genius!

Clean Up Pets – Wipe up your pet’s paws and fur with a wipe! They’re gentle and get the job done! Plus they smell good!

Sneaker Cleaner – The best sneaker cleaner! Removes dirt and marks with ease!

Table Wipe Down – Wipe down sticky tables when out to dinner with baby wipes!

Nail Polish Clean Up – When painting nails at home, use a baby wipe to remove mistakes quickly!

Eye Glasses Cleaner – Easily clean up glasses and help prevent scratches!

Yoga Mat Cleaner – Keep a package in your gym bag to give you yoga mat a wipe down!

Clean Up – Use as a body wipe when you need freshening up!

Dust Blinds – Quickly and Easily wipe down blinds! It helps to prevent dust from forming as quickly, too!

Dust Mop – Attach to a dust mop to get floors clean and smelling great, too!

Black/White Board Cleaner – Great for cleaning chalk or marker off of boards!

Keep Cool – Stash some wipes in cooler and wipe down on a hot day! Works great!

Wipe Down Anything – Toilets, door knobs, chairs, phones, light switches – anything! Baby wipes clean up fast!

Sand Remover – Use a baby wipe to clean off beach sand with ease!

Bath Room – Use in the bathroom for personal care wipes.

Windows – Cut through window grime inside your home or car! Baby wipes tackle it with no problem!

Stain Remover –  Give stains the heave-ho before they set in! This has to be my favorite baby wipe hack to use! I keep a package in my purse to wipe up coffee stains on the go, food spills, deodorant marks on my shirts and more! They’re the best stain remover that doesn’t smell bad and works GREAT!

20 Useful Hacks for Baby Wipes that have nothing to do with babies!

Baby Wipes have all kinds of uses that have nothing to do with babies! What’s your best baby wipes hacks? Share with me in the comments below!


20 Useful Hacks for Baby Wipes that have nothing to do with babies!And, get your own Johnson and Johnson baby wipes at Walmart right now!


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  1. Its great to know so many uses of baby wipes. I will say that baby wipes work extremely well for cleaning i.e clothing stains or preventing them at least. When my son was a baby he had acid reflux so bad that when he spit up on me, if I didn’t wash immediately it would eat holes through my shirts, so I started pre-treating them with wipes because it’s what I always had on hand. They worked great and i never even had the left over dingy spots left after the wash. I still think to this day baby wipes are one of the greatest stain removers.

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