Make this Father’s Day one that he will never forget with a tasty main dish, epic desserts, and a few handmade gifts and cards to show dad you love him!

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you are in a buzz to find the perfect gift or meal to serve up, you are in luck. I have some spectacular ideas below that will make your dad feel like he is one-of-a-kind.

Father's Day Gifts, Dinner Ideas, and more!! Make this Father's Day one that he will never forget. With a tasty main dish, epic desserts, and a few handmade gifts and cards to show you thought of him.

DIY Gift Idea for Father’s Day

Father's Day Gift - DIY Bottle Openener-Making Manzanita

DIY Wood Bottle Opener | This is a great DIY gift for dad if he likes to sip on a cold one after a long day at work. You can make this gift in an afternoon. Love one of a kind gifts.

DIY Spice Rubs | Give a gift that any grilling dad will love. These spice rubs are easy to make and will make your bbq mighty tasty.

Wooden Yard Dice | If your dad enjoys being outdoors consider these yard dice for a life-size game.

I Love You Because Frame | This is a really sentimental gift you can give. Let your child write or tell you what to write if too young, as to why they love dad.

Paint Chip Pencil Holder | If dad works in an office make this paint chip pencil holder to store his pens and pencils. Then when he reaches for one he can be reminded of his child.

DIY Father’s Day Cards To Make

Father's Day Card - Dino Mite- The Soccer Mom Blog

Dino-Mite Card | Let dad know how dynamite he is with this adorable and fun homemade Father’s Day card.

Football Fan Envelope | Calling all football fan dad’s, here is a quick and easy envelope you can make to put dad’s card in!

Quick Father’s Day Card | If you almost forgot, here is a really easy Father’s Day Card that you can whip up pretty quickly!

Baseball Father’s Day Card Pop-Up | This is a great card to make for a baseball-loving dad. It is so fun because it is a pop-up card.

Rock Star | Let dad know he is the rock star of the family with this handmade card. Your child will love making it for their daddy.

Food To Cook Up For Father’s Day

Father's Day Food - Honey Dijon Pork Tenderloin - To Simply Inspire

Main Dish and Sides

Honey Dijon Pork Tenderloin | This tenderloin is a mix of tangy and sweet that will make dad feel like he is on top of the world. I guarantee there won’t be leftovers.

Steakhouse Creamed Corn | Not your grandmas creamed corn recipe, this recipe is over the top. Savory, flavorful, and a perfect dish for dad.

Chinese Spare Ribs Instant Pot Recipe | Whip dad up these sticky and tasty spare ribs and serve with some pasta or a scoop of tender rice.

Grilled Rib-Eye Steak with Chimichurri Sauce | Create dad a steak that he will be dreaming about until the next time you make it. A quick and easy steak dish with a sauce that will leave him wanting more.

Crispy Asparagus Fries | Step out of the box and give him a side he will love to crunch and dip. These asparagus fries are where the party is at.


Father's Day Gifts - Lawn Mower Rice Krispie Treat- In The Kitchen

Lawn Mower Rice Krispies | This is one of the cutest desserts I have seen. Give dad a tasty treat he will get a smile out of it. These truly are the most adorable treats.

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies | This is one of the tastiest and easiest desserts to make that dad will love – AND from a box mix!

Missippi Mud Cake | If he has a sweet tooth this is the cake to make. Very easy to whip up and more than just a cake with frosting.

White Poke Cake with Chocolate Ganache | Another amazing option is this poke cake that has chocolate ganache poked throughout with a whipped ganache frosting. Top with fresh fruit and you have one satisfying dessert.

Peanut Butter Cookie Brownies | Wow these cookie brownies are a dessert dad will love. You have the mix of a peanut butter cookie in the form of a brownie. Talk about unique but sweetly satisfying.

Hawaiian Cheesecake Salad | Here is a fruit salad that is a bit on the lighter side of desserts. A nice mix of tropical fruit that is mixed with a cheesecake flavored sauce.


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