It seems as if Spring is trying to break through all this bad weather and coldness – but it’s sure having a tough time. It’s been raining for days and the temperatures are pretty chilly for this time of year, but it has to get better soon…right?!


I thought I’d give you a little update on us – we’ve had a lot going on, when we haven’t been sick, that is! This has been the absolute worst Winter for colds and illnesses we’ve ever had. I will say that it could have been worse, I know. We haven’t had anyone have to be hospitalized or any emergencies. But, we’ve had A LOT of colds, the flu, viruses, ear infection after ear infection, Roseola (Sydney), Fifths Disease (Ella, Brian AND Me), teething, fevers for no apparent reason,  more colds and more viruses. Since December we’ve had one sickness roll into another NON STOP. Thankfully, we’ve had a break the past week or so, and I’m sure hoping that’s about it for the year.

Even with all the sickies, we’ve had some time to enjoy life!


Andrew started soccer last week and boy, does he love it! That child was made for sports! He thinks about playing some kind of ball 24/7 and he’s pretty much a natural. (like his dad!)  He looks pretty adorable in his new soccer uniform! The socks do come up to his tushy under those shorts, but that makes it even more cute!


I must admit – I am THAT soccer mom! You know, the one that sits on the sidelines cheering on her child and the team that whole time and I LOVE IT! I am NOT that mom  that sits on the sidelines and boos and yells at the other team’s kids and coaches. I’m pretty sure I won’t ever do that UNLESS someone hurts my baby on purpose. But, for now…I”m loving watching Andrew play and get so much enjoyment out of it. He smiles and laughs and really pays attention the whole time. I love that! I have a feeling this is just the beginning of many, many years of sitting on the sidelines watching him play some kind of sport.


Just this past weekend we had a beautiful dedication service for Sydney at our church. It was so nice to sit together as a family and with our friends and take an oath to teach our child to “Love the lord our God with all her heart, with all her soul and with all her strength”. (Deuteronomy 6:5)  No matter what she decides to do with her life as she gets older, this is our prayer for her. It’s hard to think about her growing older and making decisions for herself when she’s just a sweet baby who just had her first tooth pop through and is practicing her pulling up and standing skills. But, already having a baby that just turned 7 and is nearing the end of 1st grade, I know all too well that it will be here before we know it.


After the service, we were able to spend some time with some dear friends who also had their baby boy dedicated that day. I love this picture! You can sure tell which mamma belongs to which baby! So adorable!


As for Ella Jean, she’s still plugging along in 1st grade that will be out soon! She’s pretty busy with Girl Scouts, Tumbling, AWANA and Wednesday Night Crew at our church. When did she get old enough to have her own calendar?

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Happy (almost..soon!) Spring!




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