My kids love to do crafts. Anything that has to do with crayons, markers, glue and paper are right up their alley and I bet your kids are the same way, too! We go through so much paper (mostly my printer paper) I should have stock in paper companies! haha! So last week when we were home for Veteran’s Day, I gave the kids a fun project that you can do with your kids to get ready for Thanksgiving – Turkey In Disguise!

Turkey In Disguise Craft

What’s a turkey in disguise, you ask? Well, it’s just what it sounds like. It’s a turkey dressed up as something OTHER than a turkey to avoid getting eaten on Thanksgiving! Such a fun activity where the kids can be creative and use different things to dress up their turkey. Construction paper, buttons, cotton balls and ribbon are all fair game for this craft!

Turkey In Disguise Craft

My kids really got into this one and spent a good deal of time on it. You can even take this activity one step further and have the kids create a story around their turkey telling who it’s dressed up as and why.

Turkey In Disguise Craft

For Ella’s turkey, she dressed HER up as a cheerleader. No surprise there since her teacher this year is the High School Cheerleading coach! She thinks that’s the coolest thing ever! Andrew dressed his turkey up as a Pilgrim complete with hat and all! So cute!

Turkey In Disguise Craft

I just love that the kids got into this fun activity and that we can hang the turkeys up for decoration for Thanksgiving. We have ours hanging in our kitchen by our Thankful Tree. If you want to make your own Turkey in Disguise with your kids, head over to Momdot where Trisha has a turkey template you can print out and decorate. That’s what we did! There’s also a bunch of other blogs listed at the bottom of the post with their turkeys you can check out for more ideas and fun!

Have fun!

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