As the holidays draw near, a child’s wish list often grows longer by the day. After all, it is the TOY season, right??!! My oldest, just last night, was adding even more items to her wish list! I don’t want to just pick up any toy, I want to make sure it’s one that she’ll play with for a long time to come and that it has some value. But, how can parents be sure that the toys they choose for their children are not only safe and fun, but also have a learning component?

To help parents make smart toy choices for the holidays and throughout the year, the experts at Kiddie Academy have developed a new infographic with suggestions for choosing an educational toy and it’s some good advice!


Courtesy of: Kiddie Academy

“Educational toys allow children to explore in their own style and at their own pace without a time limit or expected outcome. Unlike a video game that requires a child to follow a specific path in order to play, educational toys such as dolls and train sets allow for creative play that supports physical, cognitive and emotional growth,” explains Kiddie Academy’s Vice President of Education Richard Peterson. “In fact, numerous scientific studies have proven that play is important to a child’s healthy brain development.”

So, taking the above advice into consideration, I put together of 10 Educational Toys that your kids are sure to love this year!

Top 10 Educational Toys Your Kids Are Sure To Love!

Top 10 Educational Toys Kids Will Love!!

1. Dress up and Pretend Play Clothes – what little girl AND boy doesn’t love to put on a princess or fireman costume? So much fun to be hand while learning about our world and forming relationships.

2. Play Food and Accessories – Every child in my daycare loves this one! All little boys and girls love to prepare food, clean up and pretend play house.

3. Blocks and Legos – Sorting, shapes, sizes while building and imagining is what your little one will get from these classic toys!

4. Bath Tub Toys – Even the act of pouring water from one item into another is learning about space, size and more!

5.  Baby Dolls – Learning to care for and take of babies is an important life skill. Compassion and love, as well!

6. Puzzles – Putting together puzzles helps with fine motor skills and problem solving!

7. Shape Sorters – Once again, problem solving and rationalizing.

8. Activity Books – There’s so many books you can get to teach your children so many things – from very simple science concepts to life skills!

9.  Musical Instruments – All kids love these!

10. Manipulatives – Learning to put things together, take apart, sort and organize! Manipulatives come in many forms!


For more tips and free downloadable activities, parents can visit the Kiddie Academy Family blog at:

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