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Now that I’ve recovered from all things 1st Birthday  – I had to share this adorable highchair makeover with you! It was super easy and super cheap!


After scouring Pinterest, I knew that I HAD to have a vintage highchair painted a pretty color for Sydney’s party. I just loved the idea of having something that would be adorable for her to smash her cake in AND be able to be used after the party.

So, I searched on all of my Facebook for sale groups, local consignment stores and on Craigs List for about a week and then finally….SCORE! I got this beautiful, hardwood high chair with spindles for only $10! YES – I said it…TEN DOLLARS! Well, we did have to go to a not so desirable part of town and then into a dark warehouse and holler for a man to come carrying it from the back – but HEY, it was a good deal! haha!

vintage high chair

First, we washed the high chair down with a damp rag and a little Murphy’s Oil Soap. It was covered in years of dust and dirt and it came perfectly clean!

Look at that tray….I was amazed thinking about how many times it was banged on by someone’s baby. It definitely had personality!

primed chair

Then, I put a coat of primer on it. The wood was old and it soaked it right up. If I had it to do again, I would do a couple of coats of primer just to give it a really good base to stick to. But, one coat was fine, too.


Next, I used Ballet Pink Krylon Spray Paint and painted 3 very thin coats – starting at the top and working my way down.  The key is to hold your can about 5-8 inches away from the surface and to use a sweeping motion back and forth – ALWAYS moving.

If you stay in one place too long, you’ll for sure get drips. Once you do one coat – wait a few minutes and do another. It’s that easy!

But, the pink was NOT working for me! I have other things in Sydney’s room painted this color – but this looked way off. More of a bright pink. Not what I was going for at all!

I didn’t even get a photo of it because I was more concerned with changing it. So…I headed back to the store and bought this Blue Ocean Breeze by Krylon.


LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. It seriously made me happy to see it go on and cover up that pink. It was PERFECT! Sydney in her little pink dress with her pink cake would look adorable in it! 3 more coats of paint and it was perfect! Beautiful!!!

painted vintage highchair

I let it sit outside in the sun for 3 days to cure – bringing it in at night so that rain or dew wouldn’t get on it.

I let it sit another 3 days inside to get nice and hard before using it. I could barely keep Sydney out of it! She kept trying to climb up in it! haha!

Once it was good and harden, I let her use it. Look at that smile! I think she likes it! : )

cake bites

I just love how it turned out and I think this will be in our family for a long time!

Syd party

To sum it all up, here’s my Tips and Tricks to Ensure A Perfect Paint Job every time!

How to spray paint furniture and get a perfect finish every time!

That’s it! It’s easy to make an older piece of furniture look new with a little elbow grease and spray paint!

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There are a ton of good tips here!



Good luck and make sure to link me up if you try something like this!

Happy Painting!



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    1. Shyanne - ATM Team says:

      We hope you find it helpful!

  2. What a cute project. It definitely brought the chair to light

  3. So beautiful! Did you have to sand the highchair at all?

    1. Hi Liz,

      I didn’t sand it and just gave it a good scrub down and time to dry in the sun. Not much water was used on it. Just a little to get it clean and some murphy’s oil soap. I did sand a couple of paint drips off once it dried and repainted those spots. That was it!

  4. Very cute! I noticed the high chair in the party pictures and wondered if it was something you already had in your house. Looks like you threw a great party! Makes me wish I was craftier…

    1. OH I am sure you could do it, Heather! It just takes a little patience!

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