Provide happiness for your furry friend with wet food that provides hydration your cat needs daily, is complete nutrition in one can, and provides high protein for lean muscle.

This post has been sponsored by Purina®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you’ve spent any time here on All Things Mamma, you know that we love our furbabies! In case you don’t know, we have 3 little furballs; Daisy and Bella are our doggies, and Lilly is the reigning queen cat in our home.

I must say, she gets the most pampering and special treatment. After all, she is the only cat!

We sure love them all and spend quite a lot of time loving on them all. Maybe just as much as they do on us! And we do our best to pamper them whenever we get the chance! Like with the best food!

Every day seems like a holiday when you get to have yummy morsels on your plate. Lilly is super excited every day to get Fancy Feast® or Purina ONE® wet cat food on her plate.

I used to think that wet food was just for special occasions, but the truth is that it’s perfect for everyday feeding! It does so much more than provide happiness for your furry friend, it provides hydration your cat needs daily, is complete nutrition in one can, and provides high protein for lean muscle.

Feeding wet food is actually healthy for your kitty and makes you an amazing pet parent for pampering them daily!

Benefits of Wet Food For Cats

There are several reasons to feed your cat wet food that you may not know about, so I’m going to share some reasons here! Wet food isn’t just for an occasional treat, it’s for feeding every day and for good reason!

  1. Provides Hydration: Wet food provides hydration that your cat may not get by drinking water at home. Cats prefer running water and often won’t drink from a still bowl of water as much as they should. Feeding wet food provides the body hydration for chemical reactions in the body, temperature regulation, and joint health and mobility for a healthy kitty!
  2. Lean Muscle Mass: As cats age, they naturally lose their lean muscle mass. Feeding wet cat food with high protein content can help maintain LBM as cats age, which will help them be strong and mobile for years to come!
  3. Variety: With so many flavors and textures to choose from, each meal will be a delight for your kitty! Smaller cans mean that you can buy different flavors and varieties to see which your cat likes best!

I shop at Walmart for the best deals on everything from food for my kids to food for my fur kids. They always have the best deals! And you can always find everything you need right in the same place, no matter which Walmart you go in.

Fancy Feast and Purina ONE wet food are found right where you’d think: in the cat food aisle.

Make sure to stop in and get your cat a variety of Fancy Feast or Purina ONE to give them the best every day!



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