I’ve felt really sluggish, bloated, and quite frankly, FAT lately. The problem is I love food. I love the stuff that isn’t good for you – chocolate, sugar, cheese, coffee, coffee desserts, cheeseburgers…you get the point. I love all of it. But, with the Summer heat here, I have really felt miserable and knew I needed to do more than I was doing to feel better.

I was very intrigued by a Facebook post from a friend of mine that said she had started the The Clean Program and was feeling really good – PLUS she was losing weight. So, I checked it out and it looked really good! It’s basically eating clean, healthy food and cutting out all the toxic filled junk. Here’s a look….

I started by really digging into the website for more info and directions on how to start and just picked up the book, Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself. I’ve lost about 11 pounds and am already feeling “lighter” and less bloated. Plus, I’ve picked up some energy.

I have not bought any of the shakes or supplements that are mentioned on the site, but have been following the detox plan of a shake for breakfast, a meal for lunch and a shake or something light, like a salad for dinner. So far so good!

I’ll keep you updated on my journey to better health, but wanted to share this with you in case you’d like to check it out and start your own journey! Make sure to let me know if you do – I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. It is great, Lynsey! It’s been tough to begin with, but it’s a great feeling to actually accomplish cutting out all the processed junk. I knew that it wasn’t good for you, but I never realized just had bad it could really be! I can’t wait to go to the Farmers Market! Ours opened a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t made it. I will be going this week!!

    Thanks so much for the encouraging words! I need em’ right now!! : )

  2. Lynsey @MoscatoMom says:

    I do something similar – the Eat-Clean Diet. I absolutely LOVE it. I feel SO much better now that I am not bogged down with all of that junk. I eat everything very fresh – basically if it took any more processing than a picker or a butcher I do not eat it. No boxes, cans, or bags. I go to the grocery store every 2 days, but I spend about $10 when I go, and get everything fresh. We also have a Farmers Market close that I hit on the weekends.

    It sounds harder than it is, but you will be AMAZED at the results. Way to go girl!

  3. Carol Conley says:

    So, I read a couple of reviews on Amazon.com and I would like to know what exactly you CAN eat on this program? One of the reviews gave a list of “don’t’s”, and it eliminated basically everything- most fruits, bread, dairy, caffeine, chocolate, all sugars, and the list goes on. I have always been taught that you shouldn’t eliminated any food or food group altogether, just eat in moderation. How is this healthy????

    1. The idea is to remove all processed and allergy causing food to cleanse your system for optimal repair. It’s not a long term “diet”. Hopefully, at the end of the cleanse, you will adopt new eating habits that make for a healthier lifestyle. Also, after the cleanse, you slowly add back in food off of the “no” list to see how your body reacts to pinpoint any item that may be causing you trouble in your body.

      You CAN eat:
      Vegetables, rice, beans, fish or lean protein, fruits, and nuts

      I am loving Almond and Coconut Milk as a milk alternative. They both contain more protein and calcium than “regular” milk, so I don’t feel like I’m depriving my body of needed nutrients.

      It’s all a learning process that I am sure enjoying – which is hard to say for someone who LOVES food!

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