I’m not sure where the time has gone, but my sweet baby girl, Sydney, is one month old. The first month has really been great – compared to my first two children. Sydney is really a good sleeper and eater. She seems to have a mix of personalities of Ella and Andrew. She has Ella’s sense of urgency, everything must be done NOW, trait and a little more of Andrew’s laid back attitude. It really just depends on the day which one of these personalities you see. She loves to be swaddled and will snuggle right up to you and fall asleep – unless it’s from 9-1am and then who knows what you’ll get.

She’s sleeping for about 3-4 hours at a time, during two to three naps a day and at night. Unless, she decides to show her Ella side and then all of that is out the window. Sydney has not learned that it’s OK to sit by herself for any length of time. She immediately gets panicked and starts crying if you put her down. (Ella, again!)  But, with dad going back to work this week, we’re working on that a little at a time. We have to. As much as I would love to just sit on the couch and hold her all day, I simply can’t with two other children to care for. She is starting to get used to the Moby. I love it! She hasn’t fallen in love with it yet…but she will! haha! I have a feeling it will get a lot of use – especially when the daycare kids come back in September.

Having a newborn is definitely about trial and error and learning about each other. It’s not easy and can be quite stressful at times – especially at 2am when your back is aching and head is splitting from not sleeping much the night before. Thankfully, I have healed amazingly well! I’ve not had a vaginal birth – so I can’t actually compare this c-section experience to it, but I would say that it’s pretty close. Yes, I had surgery and was in bed for a day – but that’s about it. The incision closed beautifully and the soreness was minimal. I was up and around the day after I had Sydney. Amazing!

 I have a theory about this…you see, I prayed for 9 months to have this baby naturally. I so wanted to after having two previous  c-sections. But, it didn’t happen and I was OK with that. I knew that God would let this baby come the way He intended it to be. And, when I delivered her, my doctor said it was a good thing we didn’t try to have her naturally because of her size and that her arm was up by her head. She may not have come out and then we would have had more trouble that I don’t want to even think about. So, I believe that even though God knew a natural birth wasn’t for me, he allowed me to have a wonderful recovery and all of my fears of not being able to care for a new baby and two other children were needless. That’s what I was most scared about – well, that and the actual surgery and coming out of it OK. Which I did! I also had several people praying for me leading up to and the day of Sydney’s birth and I totally believe in the power of prayer. It’s an amazing  thing!


Now, my baby girl is 1 month old and we both have some figuring out to do. It is all a process of trial and error but once we get it figured out, we’re golden! More updates to come plus posts on our nursery, c-section tips,  favorite baby gear, swaddles, and much more!


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