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The breakneck pace of modern life can leave little time for cooking. Between our jobs, school runs, sports practice and endless household chores, the time in the kitchen just slips away. Before you know it take-outs and fast-food has crept in to keep those hungry mouths around the table fed.

But like a specter from the not-so-distant past, the slow cooker has re-emerged to answer our culinary prayers. How this device has slipped away from kitchens in the last 40 years is a mystery, but the data all agrees that sales are up and the crock-pot is back in fashion. It’s not hard to see why… cooking has never been easier! Here are a few reasons why the slow cooker should be in pride of place in your kitchen:

Safety first 

Although slow cookers take many hours to cook, using a low simmering heat, they are completely safe to leave unattended – giving you much more time to look after the little ones. With their tightly closed lids, there is no risk your dish boiling over or spilling. Furthermore slow cookers are designed to do their own thing, if you lift the lid to check on the dish you will just delay the meal.

 Lasting value

Slow cookers are extremely cheap to buy, need almost no maintenance and specialise in making the most out of cheaper food. Great for hearty broths and stews, the pots slowly release the flavour and soften the muscles of cheaper cuts of meat. This means that a very cheap collection of root vegetables and meat offcuts can be turned into a delicious family stew.

 Conveniently tasty

One of the beauties of slow cookers is that they are just one dish. Having chopped and prepared your ingredients just toss them all in together. At the end, you have just one thing to wash up instead of a mountain of saucepans.


The average slow cooker uses no more energy than a light bulb. The staggering green credentials of the credit-crunch kitchen appliance mean that not only do you feel the benefit in the grocery store but there is a little extra in your wallet when the energy bills come out.

So start chopping your meat and veg this morning and throw it in the pot, you can go on the school run safe in the knowledge that a hearty casserole will be bubbling away when you get home.

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  1. I don’t use ours as often as I should. Now that I think about it, tomorrow would be a good day to make chicken with cream of mushroom soup served over rice. Thanks for the idea, I’ll pull the meat out tonight and put the cooker on in the morning!

  2. I LOVE my slow cooker. In fact I’m using it right now to make chicken for dinner. 🙂 The one downside is that if I’m home all day, I feel hungry all day and nothing satisfies that hunger because I want to eat the food I’m smelling!!

    1. I am the exact same way1 That’s why I can never leave it on all night. I have dreams about food and wake up all night starving!

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