Being a mom of 3 kids PLUS a mom of 3 pets – I have a lot of babies to take care of! Whether it’s keeping them safe and sound or figuring out the best food to give them, I have a lot to think about. Today, I’m talking about two of my babies that have fur – Daisy and Bella.

Daisy and Bella are our fur babies that have been a part of our family for a long time. Daisy is 9 years old and Bella is only 2 years old – but she feels like she’s been in our family for much longer! Our dogs are a part of our family just like our kids. We think about their health and happiness just the same as our human kids.

This post was sponsored by Side By Side as part of a Two-Post Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Side by Side – Feed Love, Feed Life to your Furry Friends

So, when I’m asked to try out a new dog food, I love to check it out! Today we’re talking about Side by Side. In case you aren’t familiar, Side by Side is a new brand that makes all natural pet food, carefully selecting and preserving the ingredients and preparing the food in small batches. The diet recipes are sold in frozen or freeze-dried form to carefully protect the whole food nutrition and delivering it in the freshest form right to your pet’s bowl.

When your pet is a member of your family, you want to make sure you give them the very best! Side by Side is one of those brands you can feel good about serving.

Right off the bat, I noticed how different Side by Side is – they have you take an online personalized Pet Assessment to determine the best food choice for your dog.

The online pet assessment takes into consideration their age, weight, activity, temperament, health concerns and more. I was even able to chat on the phone with the Founder, Marney Prince, which was super helpful!

Marney was wonderful to work with! We chatted about Bella and Daisy – how old they were, their health issues, my concerns, etc. Marney was so very helpful! She was caring and thorough and asked a lot of questions before giving me her recommendations on how and what to feed Bella and Daisy. Both of my girls are a tad overweight (whoops!) so we talked about how to feed them properly to keep them full and happy.

The food recommendation included a Side by Side freeze-dried diet, and also included other whole foods – chicken, meat, eggs, veggies, berries – to really give them a good diet to keep them healthy and strong while reducing weight. Both Bella and Daisy have a few issues that losing a couple of pounds would help with – Bella has Hip Dysplasia and Daisy has urinary issues. I’m hopeful a good diet is going to help!

Marney even sent me a follow-up email with all the info we discussed so that I wouldn’t forget it all! That was very helpful! I can’t wait to see where we are with Bella and Daisy this time next month! I can tell you that they go CRAZY when I pull out their food now. They LOVE it!!

Side by Side

Side by Side – Feed Love, Feed Life to your Furry Friends

Side by Side developed their product lines from the pet’s perspective in order to put pets first to give them the best life – and allow us opportunities to better share the love with our pets by honoring their nutrition with clean and ethically harvested ingredients to build a better foundation of health.

Side by Side seeks to provide a better option for those who love their pet just like any other member of the family. Side by Side is unique as it offers a personalized nutrition plan, including diets with whole food nutrition tailored to the characteristics of your pet, addressing breed, age, activity, and health concerns. – I love this option as it provides the very best food thoughtfully formulated to provide a complete and balanced nutrition plan for your pet.

Side by Side’s whole food nutrition includes integrated product offerings including:

Food Recipes
Toppers and soon to be released Broths

Side by Side offers fresh, all-natural proteins including chicken, duck, beef, rabbit and fish, finely ground bones and organ meats such as hearts and liver – which are all natural high-quality sources of nutrients and come freeze dried!

They also provide vegetables including vibrant greens, carrots & sweet potato, fruits such as apples, and healthy fats, herbs and supplements. I’m starting to wonder if I should rally to get Side by Side to provide meals for me, as well! They sound delish!

I’m really excited to try Side by Side as our pet’s food in our house for the next month! Daisy and Bella seem to love it so far!

Be on the lookout for my 2nd post to share our experience with you! In the meantime, check out Side by Side for yourself! Also, you can get 25% off your first order and 15% the subscription service with code: MAMMA

—> Our totally honest review of Side by Side Pet Food is HERE.



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