As a mom, I love to cook and bake for my family. I love to come up with meals that everyone loves and eats up when it’s served to them. It’s one of my favorite joys as a mom!


I also love to feed my fur babies good food, too! I love how excited they get at meal time when I pull their bowls out and fill it with yummy kibble. It sure puts them all in a good mood – especially our dog, Bella the Goldendoodle.

Bella is the happiest, friendliest dog we’ve ever had! She has so much personality all the time! From following you around the house from room to room to playing ball or catch – she’s a happy girl!

I really think that the food we feed Bella contributes to her happiness. Her coat is shiny, her eyes are bright and she’s full of energy! That is a happy, healthy dog for sure!

If you’ve been here recently, you know that we’ve talked a lot of about Luvsome Dog Food. We love it!

Feeding a quality dog food is very important! We’ve found that Luvsome is pet food that provides balanced nutrition our pet needs to stay happy & healthy.

Luvsome is is a quality brand for a very affordable price that you can pick up at almost any store you normally shop! If I don’t have to go to several places on shopping day, that is a bonus for this busy mom!

Look how excited Bella is to eat her food! Can you tell her tail is wagging in the picture below?! She is so happy!

Luvsome has high-quality ingredients filled with proteins and vitamins which is exactly what I look for in my pet’s food! I look for the same quality ingredients in my pet’s food as I do in my own children’s food, too!

Luvsome can be found at Kroger Family of stores including: Food 4 Less, Fry’s, King Soopers, Kroger, Owen’s, Pay Less, Ralphs, Smith’s and more – so if you live close to one of those, check it out!


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