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I have THE BEST dog in the world. I know, I know…YOU have the very best dog in the world.

I believe you!

I also believe that we ALL love our dogs so much that we want to give them the very best all the time. But, since you’re here, I want to tell you about OUR very best dog in the world, Bella, our Mini Goldendoodle.

How To Show Your Furry Friend Lots of Love

Bella is our mini that is the sweetest, most cuddly, teddy bear of a dog. At just a little over a year old, it feels like we’ve had her forever.

I’ve had several dogs in my life, but this dog just seems different. It’s hard to explain. She just makes everyone around her happy all the time. I bet you understand if you have a furry friend in your life, too!

Bella is a mix of a Poodle and Golden Retriever and the mix is perfect! She loves everyone, loves to play ball and uses her paws like hands. It’s hilarious! She’s also everyone’s favorite dog. Even our neighbors love her and spoil her with endless games of fetch and tons of treats and love!

How To Show Your Furry Friend Lots of Love

So, since Bella is a member of our family, just like one of the kids, we only give her the very best! We take her for walks, give her fun toys to play with, pamper her with doggy bubble baths (she LOVES the water!)  and feed her the best food.


How To Show Your Furry Friend Lots of Love - Luvsome Dog Food

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Luvsome Dog Food

Luvsome has high quality ingredients filled with proteins and vitamins in every meal. It’s an easy, affordable nutritious way to keep our furry family members enjoying life. You can feel good about your pet care decisions – balancing getting quality and value.

Luvsome Dog Food

Bella loves Luvsome! Can you tell what she’s looking at right here?

How To Show Your Furry Friend Lots of Love

You’re right if you guessed her dinner – Luvsome! haha!

How To Show Your Furry Friend Lots of Love

This sweet girl is happiest with a full belly and lots of love from her people. And I can’t blame her at all!

How To Show Your Furry Friend Lots of LoveIsn’t she the sweetest??!!

Dogs always seem to know when we’re feeling down — tell me how your dog cheers you up, why you’re thankful for their unconditional love, and how you let them know!

Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear!

How To Show Your Furry Friend Lots of Love

And if you want to try Luvsome for yourself, visit Kroger Family of stores including: Food 4 Less, Fry’s, King Soopers, Kroger, Owen’s, Pay Less, Ralphs, Smith’s

Check out the Luvsome Facebook Page for all the fun!



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  1. You have a very beautiful pup and she seems well-trained! Keep up the good work. Good nutrition and a loving family is the best. My dog knows when I am upset and won’t leave me alone, he uses his nose and tosses my hands and head until I can’t pay attention to anything else but him!

  2. Laurie Pinnell says:

    What a pretty pup! My dog, Chewie can tell when I’m upset, and he runs tome and starts kicking my face and whining until I forget about everything except how much I love him.

  3. IndianaMOm2 says:

    She is a very beautiful dog who loves Luvsome i can tell.. pls be sure to get her microchipped.. K/ i would hate to see her come up missing..

    1. Wayne Federline says:

      Wow, you really have a very pretty little doggie. Just keep him safe and always feed him the best right now it looks like you;re doing excellent!

      1. Thank you!

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