School may be in session, but it’s still Summer here in Central, Illinois! The temps were a little mild last week, but they’re warming back up this week so I’m not ready to break out the soup pots and hearty meals just yet! We love to make our meals light and from the freshest ingredients we can find and this time of year is perfect for that! Lots of veggies are in season, so that means they are more affordable and if we’re really lucky, we have a kind friend or neighbor drop off a little of their bounty for us to share!


But, if we need a fresh veggies – we head to our local Farmers Market! I just LOVE walking around our market and checking out all that there is to offer! From raw local honey to berries and melons to cucumbers and peppers – the Farmer’s Market is full of deliciousness! You can even get fresh baked bread and treats, homemade soaps, flowers and homemade pasta. YUM!





What we like to do when we head to the Market – is to each pick an ingredients and make a meal from them all. This gets the whole family involved and excited about preparing and eating it. The kids sometimes pick something new to them or they are just a little more excited to eat what we make. When everyone has a hand in a meal from the beginning, it’s always a good thing!


This week,  we picked up some miscellaneous veggies – tomatoes, big and small; cucumbers and corn. Plus we got the ingredients for our Saturday night dinner – A veggie pasta! We purchased the entire meal fresh!


Garlic Herb Pasta with Squash and Zucchini and Feta Cheese and a fresh baked Crusty Loaf of Bread on the side! It was delicious! There’s just a huge difference in the taste of a meal when it’s all fresh! AND when you shop local – you are supporting your neighbors and your community! That’s a WIN in my book!


So, the next time you’re thinking about what to make for dinner, how about check out your local Farmers Market or neighborhood store. You’ll be helping out someone and you’ll have a great family adventure!



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