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It’s that time of year when every kid wants all the hottest toys around – Shimmer and Shine is one of the hottest toys this holiday season!

It’s that time of year when every kid wants all the hottest toys around and my 5-year-old, Sydney,  isn’t any different! Today we’re sharing one of the hottest toys this holiday season – Shimmer and Shine!

Shimmer and Shine


Shimmer and Shine Genie Dolls make an adorable dancing duet that come in a pack of two. Which is perfect for a big gift! Shimer and Shine play music and dance when moved side to side. They’re the cutest!

These beautiful dolls also feature a jeweled headpiece that lights up and shimmers with movement. They can even teach your child how to dance to the beat. Shimmer and Shine even make a nice birthday gift for any little girl. Your special girl can play with these adorable Fisher-Price dolls on her own or invite a friend to join along, too.

That’s the beauty of having two in a box! And, what’s even neat is that when the Shimmer and Shine are close to each other, they make a singing and dancing duet that is sure to keep your child entertained for hours! Each one features three songs and speaks over 30 phrases. These genie dolls even come with their own bottle-shaped brush so that you can style the long and colorful hair.

Shimmer and Shine are perfect for any girl age 3 and up with their magical moves! Just slide the genies side-to-side to see their genie-rific dance moves! Want to change a special song’s tempo? The genies magically know when you move them fast or slow!
Your sweet girl can even dance like her favorite genie! Shimmer and Shine teach kids the moves to magical dances.

And if your girl is anything like mine, she loves to take her dolls everywhere she goes – from lunch to dinner. Shimmer, Shine and Sydney hang out together! I love that she’s using her imagination instead of sitting on electronics all day.

Shimmer and Shine are available right now at Walmart for a wonderful price! Make sure to check them out this holiday season for that special little girl in your life!







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