In two days, I will be the mother of a Preschool graduate. It’s really hard to believe that my baby will be moving from a simple 2 hour preschool class to a full-day of Kindergarten in the Fall. *sigh*  Can. Not. Believe. It.

But, before we get to Kindergarten, we have Summer to enjoy! Lots of lazy days, filled with sleeping in late, basking in the sun in the late morning and napping all afternoon. NOT! If this is your life, please leave now. Seriously. I can’t be your friend.

Are you still reading?

Well, then you must be more like me and spend your days waking up to children, taking care of children or going to work and then spending more time taking care of children, cooking and cleaning. And, with a 5 year old being home all day in the Summer, we need some activities and a plan in place to keep us all from going insane!

We have a couple of trips planed – one in June and one in July. So, that will give us something to look forward to. But, I’m looking for a daily schedule that will work for us. We need a plan to stay active and have fun, but not too packed. We need some educational activities mixed in with fun and rest!

Do you have a plan for Summer yet? I’d love to hear all about it to get some ideas for our Summer. I’ll do a updated post with some of your ideas! Link me to your posts or leave your ideas in the comment field below!

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  1. Jenny Lenczycki says:

    I have a post going up soon on our summer activities!
    Most of what I’m doing has educational focus – because Cole needs that consistent work to not fall behind, and, he’s not going to summer school this year.
    A few things I have planned…
    – when we finish 100 books we get a surprise! Cole is still deciding what his “best day ever” would be, although, we have been forewarned it will include chuck-e-cheese 🙂
    – nature study that will include: plaster of paris molds of leaves, rock painting, a trip to the local bird sanctuary, and, hopefully a trip to the butterfly house in STL. we are going to study bugs, but, only in books as Cole is still a little freaked out by them too
    – our garden is already growing & cole’s doing a great job caring for it. we plan to learn more about tomatoes, peppers, lettuce & onions, and, potatoes – and, hopefully try more foods with them too!
    – neighborhood scavenger hunt
    – pre-k friend cookout
    – playgroups
    – we are letting cole plan the menu for one nights dinner (anything he wants) and prepare it (with a little help)
    Lots more fun stuff to come 🙂

    1. Those area all REALLY great ideas, Jenny! I am going to have to use a bunch of them! Make sure to link up to your post once you get it up!

  2. I’m planning on spending an hour every day reviewing letters and numbers with Zoe and Miles. We’ll see if I’m actually up to the challenge, but I hear you on the fact that we need things to do this summer

    1. That’s a great idea!! It’s so hard to keep it up when we don’t have to. That’s for sure!!

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