Summer is here! Kids everywhere are getting out of school this week and that means it’s time for some outside fun! Swimming, riding bikes, swinging and ball playing will be on the majority of everyone’s agendas each day. But, what do you do if the weather turns yucky and you’re stuck inside? Inside games are fun, too! Of course, it’s today’s age of technology, we all have our electronics we spend time on. But, if  you’re dealt the dreaded WIFI is out card – oh goodness! You’d like the end of the world has come! So, what do you do??

Oscar Meyer Deli Meat

You make the best of it and plan an inside day of pretend play! YES! Grab those sheets, pull out some chairs and card tables and make an inside fort! Remember making those as kids? I sure do! We’d love to get all of our stuffed animals, blankets and pillows and hunker down for a day of fun in our inside ‘tent’. We would even make a fun picnic meal that we can sit on a blanket and eat. It’s just like being outside! haha! So, I know recreate this fun with my kids when we’re stuck inside on a rainy day.

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh

My kids LOVE sandwiches. Grabbing some Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meat is always a favorite! We know that it’s always good, no matter the variety. AND it tastes just like it was fresh cut from the deli, at a fraction of the cost.

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Turkey

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh is deli quality lunch meats available anytime. In a world where we’ve made things unnecessarily complicated, Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh can help keep it simple and that is what we’re all looking for as crazy, busy families…right??!! I’m all about ease when it comes to things and Oscar Mayer Fresh makes it easy!

Oscar Mayer Turkey

There isn’t much easier than grabbing some bread, Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Turkey, lettuce and mayo and making a delicious sandwich or sanewich! haha! To make it even more fun, use some cute shape cutters to make the kids excited to gobble it up!

Need some more ideas for your rainy days? Visit for more Sanewich inspiration ideas!

Thanks to Oscar Mayer for working with All Things Mamma!

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