With Martin Luther King Jr. Day coming up next week, Ella has been learning a lot about this very important man and what he stood for.

Yesterday she came home with this little book that had pictures showing what Martin Luther King Jr. believed in, such as peace, working together, and good citizenship.


And on the last page, it gave a little area for Ella to draw a picture showing how she could be like Martin Luther King Jr.

If you can’t tell…it’s a picture of Ella giving a little girl a band-aid who fell down and hurt her leg.

God love her! She is my sweet girl with a big heart! Makes my own heart swell with pride. It also reminds me to be as my sweet girl and always help others in need. It’s something that I try to do, but could definitely do better.

I just wanted to share my Proud Mommy Moment with you!


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  1. AW! That is a very special moment indeed. It takes all these sweet endearing moments to make up for the headaches they give us!

    1. Isn’t that the truth! haha! It makes you realize that you are doing something right!

    2. Isn’t that the truth! haha! It make you realize that you are doing something right!

  2. It also makes her daddy very proud. I loved reading her book today and loved reading your story…and yes I cried…again.

    1. Awww…that is sweet. She’s growing up so fast!

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