Hi there! I am Stefanie with Simple Acres. I am excited to join you again at such a special time of year. This time of year reminds us to reflect on the past year and all its challenges and blessings. It is a time to hold our loved ones closer and do good deeds. The holidays inspires my creative fire within! Paper Ornaments and Gift Tags have been my obsession lately! Let me share this fun creative holiday inspiration (wink). This DIY Watercolor Paper Ornaments and Gift Tags tutorial will have you making your own beautiful holiday creations in no time!

How to DIY Watercolor Ornaments and Gift Tags - step by step!

What I love about this project is that anyone can enjoy making these, young and old. These Paper Ornaments and Gift Tags are simple, fun and affordable!

Here’s what you need to get started:

glitter gift tag products

Pencil with eraser
String of choice
Glitter (optional)
Modge Podge (optional)
Watercolors & Watercolor paper
Transfer paper (not pictured)
Black bleed resistant ink pen
​Hole punch

Gift tag free printable, download here


  1. Print your gift tag printable here.
  2. Lay transfer paper black side down on top of a piece of watercolor paper
  3. Trace and transfer the images by laying the printable on top of the transfer paper. For a brief tutorial on this process click here for the video.
  4. Once images are transferred, outline your drawings with a black ink pen. Erase transfer paper marks.
  5.  Paint images with watercolors to your preference.
  6.  Once paint dries Modge Podge can be applied to edges then glitter sprinkled on.
  7. Hole punch the top of the ornaments to either tie onto presents or hang on your tree.


watercolor and giftwrap

And that is it my friends…simple and fun…even your kids can have fun coloring these in!

watercolor christmas ornaments

I hope these DIY Watercolor Paper Ornament and Gift Tag inspirations find you nestled in your home snuggled up to your loved ones drinking your favorite cozy drink! Merry Wishes and a Happy New Year!


Stefanie with Simple Acres

For more simple living inspiration, crafts and art visit me at Simple Acres where the “simple things” take front stage and family, fun, yummy food and farming is a way of life! I can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and my new love…YouTube! XO

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