We just got back from the most amazing trip ever! I hate to brag but OH MY! This was one of those trips that you see other families take on Facebook and wish you were right there with them! You know the one, right?!

Well, this was not our normal family vacation but a very special one for us! We did a week at Disney World and a week at the Beach and it was so much fun!!

You never know when you set off on a 20-hour driving trip with a 8, 6 and 2-year-old if you’re going to regret it or love it. It was definitely LOVE for the Schwartz family!

Today I’m going to share the 2nd half of our trip leg to St. Pete Beach, Florida. WOW! JUST WOW!!!

Take a look at this sunset and imagine that every single night. The pictures don’t even do it justice.

While the nights were amazing, so were the days. Clear blue skies. Crystal blue waters. Ahhhh…..just looking at it again makes me wish I was sitting right in one of those chairs, watching the kids play and just breathing in the amazing sea air.

We stayed at a WONDERFUL resort by TradeWinds Island ResortsThe Guy Harvey Outpost. NICE!!!! It was the ultimate family resort without overdoing it.

Situated right on the beach, The Guy Harvey Outpost was more than accommodating to us! Our room had this WOW view that I’ve never experienced, and Sydney couldn’t get enough either.

Every night they would have Smores in the firepit for everyone to enjoy – each night a little different. That was so much fun waiting to see which flavor they would feature each night.

And there were always lots of families around. Everyone seemed so happy – from the guests to the workers. But really…how could you not be happy in a place like this??!

I honestly think when you visit some place like St. Pete Beach, it’s just little glimpse into heaven.

The white sandy beaches, the warm salt water on your skin and the sun that filled you up with happiness – it’s all heaven on earth.

This was our kid’s first experience with going to a REAL beach. And I can’t think of a better experience than this. I’m afraid nothing will compare from now on! haha! But that’s ok! We’ll just have to go back!

If you aren’t familiar with TradeWinds Island Resorts their slogan is “Just Let Go” and how perfect and fitting that is! I am pretty sure time was crawling by while we were there. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was so happy and relaxed. It was perfect.

And, at TradeWinds, the price is super affordable that we will be able to go back again.

With a little planning and budgeting, I can see us going back often! TradeWinds has everything you could want right there on their property – pools, lazy rivers to ride on wit the kids, kids activities, water slides on the beach AND in the ocean, live entertainment, restaurants and more!

You wouldn’t have to leave the entire time – and we really didn’t!

We only left two times – once for lunch and once for dinner. We just wanted to experience some of the local eateries while we were there. And it was soooooooo good!!!! Seafood is probably my most favorite food ever. I grew up eating shrimp cocktail and crab legs so when I can get it fresh – I’m all about it!

I can’t say enough good things about our trip to St. Pete Beach Florida and the Guy Harvey Outpost. So, I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves!

If you are looking for an amazing, never forget, heaven on earth vacation – this is it!


For more information about your own amazing vacation at St. Pete Beach and Tradewinds Resorts – CLICK HERE!

You can also follow TradeWinds on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for amazing photos!

* Thank you to TradeWinds Island Resorts for being so accomodating to our family while there!

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