I’ve started on my kitchen organization this weekend. And I just started organizing my drawers and lining them with this beautiful green paisley paper.

drawer liners

I’m loving the results and it makes me really excited to work on the other cabinets and drawers!

We’ve went from this….

cluttered drawer

To this….

organized drawer

In no time! Love. Love. LOVE. That’s about all I can say.

Back with more updates later! I’ll be purging and organizing today!


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  1. Mollie Clemons says:

    I need to do this not only in my kitchen drawers, but also in my walk-in closet… thanks for your ideas.

  2. Jenny Lenczycki says:

    Love the liner! Where did you get it? I’ve been trying to decide on my drawer liners for a few weeks…can’t quite decide.

    1. Well, Target, OF COURSE! : ) They also had a black and white pattern that I just loved!

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