I am not an extreme couponer. I wish I had the time to cut out a million coupons, organize them and scour the Internet for the best deals at every store in town – but I don’t. So, I’ve come up with a simple system that works for me that hopefully will help you out as well!


I used to use a whole binder system. But, that took way too long to break down my coupons each week into each category and then to go the store and pull out what coupons I needed along the way. I was an anxious mess and my trip took twice as long. Then, I would just wing it by looking for coupons right before I left for the store and would always end up forgetting coupons or just missing them all together.

One day when shopping at the most awesomest store ever, Target, I saw this adorable, stylish Mead Organizher Shopping Companion. At only 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches in size, it fits perfectly in my purse and isn’t overwhelming to carry with me all the time. With a shopping list section and several pages of storage pockets,  I can organize my coupons with easy to navigate categories! Easy Peasy!

Each week before I go shopping or throughout the week as I see deals online or in the mailbox, I clip ONLY what I will use. I do not clip every “deal” I can come up with. 1. I don’t need 50 containers of deodorant of an off brand I will never use AND 2. It saves me money to not buy unnecessary items.

So instead of 37 coupons categories,  I now use 7 – Target, Grocery, Dairy, Cleaning, Paper Products, Baby/Personal Care & Miscellaneous.

Within each larger category, I use paper clips and group similar coupons together so it’s easier to find them at the store. For example:  in my Grocery section, I group together, snacks, frozen food, baking goods, cereal, etc… You get the idea and it’s working out great!

At the store, I put my shopping list and coupons that I am going to use in the front pocket. That way it’s all right in front of my and I’m not fumbling around at the register to pull out what coupons I want to use.

Anytime I can figure out a way to simplify my day to day life and create less stress and more time for things I want to do, like spending time with my family and blogging, I jump at it!

Hopefully this little coupon organizing tip can help you out as well!

Share with me your favorite coupon tricks! I’d love to hear them!



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