I have friends who always talked about how having a newborn was so easy since all they ever did was sleep. I, however, had never experienced a baby who spent their day actually eating, sleeping and pooping. My days consisted of crying, bouncing and pacing. With Ella, the girl never slept. And, I mean never. She would cry 24 hours a day and took tiny little cat naps from the time she was 2 days old until 6 months old. Even then..not so happy. Andrew was a little better. He was a snuggler and still is. But, that meant he wanted me to snuggle and nurse him all the time. But, at least he would sleep. Not a ton of bouncing in the early days…but some bouncing and swinging usually had to take place to get him to sleep once he was a couple of weeks old.

Now, with Sydney, my 3rd born…she loves to sleep! Hallelujah! I actually find myself waiting on her to wake up to feed her and sometimes have to wake her up so that she doesn’t go too long in-between feedings. She is very content to be swaddled and snuggled up and peacefully falls asleep. I know that this may not last forever. But, I am sure enjoying the rest it’s allowing me right now. Rest I need to recuperate from surgery and to also spend time with my first two babies.

 I am also thankful that Ella and Andrew are taking to her so well. They just LOVE her! They give her kisses and hugs all day long and want to be close to her whether she is sleeping, awake or even nursing with mom. What a blessing! I was worried there would be some major jealousy issues, but those seemed to only be in he first couple of days home and I believe was mainly from the busyness of the week and upheaval of their normal lives. We are over the moon with Baby Sydney and thanking God for this sweet little angel he has sent to us to love. I am excited to share Sydney with you, as she grows, too! But, right now…I have a baby to go love on.

Did you have a newborn who slept peacefully or did you have to pull out all the tricks to get her to sleep for 15 minutes while your took a quick shower? Share with me your tips and tricks to a happy, sleepy baby in the comment section below. I may need them one day soon!


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  1. You know me, I have always had easy newborns and great sleepers!! So glad you finally got one also!!!!! Enjoy it, you’ve earned it!

    1. You are lucky! Hopefully, the next one is the same! : )

  2. Sara Phillips says:

    Oh she is so sweet! For both of mine, the second I’d put them in the swing they’d fall asleep!

    1. Love the swing! Can’t live without one! haha!

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