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Our cat Lilly is one spoiled cat. She loves to lay around in sunbeams most of the day, eat, and rest.

OH that life of a cat – my cat any way!! Haha!

I’ve always had a cat in my life. From my childhood best friend, Mama Kitty, to our cat of 18 years, Big Kitty. I’ve had a lot of furry friends in my life. I really feel like you have to have a furry friend in your life at all times – it’s just good for your soul!

Besides being a constant companion in life, having a cat teaches our kids so much! I especially like that it teaches my kids responsibly. They help out with the care (and love) for Lilly. They feed her, change her water, clean the litter box and more. (They sure don’t enjoy that last task much!)  But, letting the kids help with the care of our pets is great for them.

Lilly is a pretty happy gal. She loves to be loved on and she especially loves it when I have new treats and food for her to try so that I can share with all of you!

Lately we’ve been on a Meow Mix kick!

Meow Mix Bistro Rotisserie Chicken Flavor, Meow Mix Tuna & Shrimp Lovers, Brushing Bites – Made with Chicken Treats

Meow Mix has great taste and high quality, made with wholesome ingredients and irresistible taste in a great selection that has different textures and flavors.

Lilly loves them all! You can really tell because she gets so excited when I pull out the food! She starts meowing, purring, and rubbing her head up against my legs until I put the plate down for her. And before you know it, it’s all gone!


I don’t know about your cat, but I’m guessing you want to give her the very best, just like we do for Lilly! She can tell we love her by the yummy food (and love!) we give her daily.

Meow Mix a trusted brand that I don’t mind giving Lilly and by the looks of it, she trusts me more for giving her yummy food!!

You can find Meow Mix at Walmart, which I love, because I know I’m getting a great deal! No overspending on cat food or anything else for that matter!

Lilly loves all the Meow Mix flavors but I’m pretty sure her favorite is the Tuna and Shrimp Lovers Wet Food she’s eating above! She comes running when she hears me go into the pantry and get it off the shelf. Once I pop it open, she meows non-stop and starts rubbing against my legs because she’s so happy! Haha! She can’t wait to dig in!

Once I give it to her, she gobbles it right up! No wasted food here in our house! After she eats, she waits for me to give her a Brushing Bite. She loves them, too! I think I may be spoiling her a little too much! 😉

Try Meow Mix flavors in Meow Mix Bistro Rotisserie Chicken Flavor, Meow Mix Tuna & Shrimp Lovers, Brushing Bites – Made with Chicken Treats. I am sure your cat will love them too!!


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