Check out one of the hottest toys for Christmas at Walmart this year! Mattel Enchantimals™! Perfect for kids ages 4+ with growing imaginations.


If you’re looking for a last minute holiday gift for that special little girl in your life, try ENCHANTIMALS

Enchantimals™ are lovable characters who share a special bond with their animal friends — they’re always together, and they look alike, too! These six-inch dolls, which are the perfect playing size,  wear colorful outfits that match their animal personalities. My kids (and your’s) love recreating the wonder of nature and celebrating a world where Caring Is Our Everything.

Mattel Enchantimals Make The Perfect Gift

These cute dolls are perfect for kids for ages 4+ with growing imaginations, like my very own 5-year-old, Sydney!

Check out each of the Enchantimals™ , inspired by the world of Enchantimals, a fantastical place nestled in nature, below and find your child’s favorite (or two!) for a Christmas gift they are SURE to love!

Bree Bunny and her bunny animal friend, Twist:   Fun touches highlight her bouncy, creative personality, like bunnies wrapping around her ankles on her pink shoes and ears poking from her pink hair. The whiskers on her face and furry touch of hair match Twist and make them the perfect pair.

Felicity Fox and her fox animal friend, Flick: They’re so cute with their matching furry tails and flowers in their hair! Felicity Fox wears a colorful floral printed outfit with fox ears poking from her rooted brown hair and her facial features are animal-inspired.

Karina Koala her koala animal friend, Dab: Always together, and they look alike, too – with a furry patch of hair and yellow flowers decorating their heads. Karina Koala wears a colorful floral printed outfit, has a koala nose and rooted pink hair.

Pater Peacock her peacock animal friend, Flap, She wears a colorful floral and peacock feather print outfit that matches her chatty, fashionable personality. Her and Flap have matching feather wings and a purple up-do – Patter Peacock even has a golden tiara. Kids will love recreating the wonder of nature with these two.

Lorna Lamb and her sheep animal friend, Flag,  They share a special bond and match with a “woolly” patch of white hair and flowers decorating their heads! Lorna Lamb wears a colorful outfit that matches her sporty personality with wool detailing on her tan boots, pink sheet ears, and her big rooted white hair is so whimsical.

Sage Skunk and her skunk animal friend, Caper, The funny Sage Skunk doll wears a colorful outfit, while her black shoes have a thick white strip to match her furry friend. Skunk ears poke from her rooted black and white hair and her facial features are animal-inspired — she even has a black and white furry tail!

Collect them all to build out a world of Enchantimals and tell enchanting stories of your own!

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