Hi everyone! Happy Monday! It’s sure hard to get back into the groove after a long weekend, huh? The sun deciding to not come out today doesn’t help my motivation. But, we did have a great weekend! We spent time together as a family eating, playing, working and some more playing. It was a good time! I took a lot of pictures. Here’s just a few for your red head fix.




Boy, they’re awfully cute! Haha!

I’ve been working on my living room a little at a time over the past month or so. Remember when I showed you my inspiration room? Well, I think it’s coming along nicely! I never jump in and run out and buy a ton of stuff at once. I like to let the room evolve a little and make sure I LOVE all the pieces that go into it. The bad thing is that I have no patience and want it done like RIGHT. NOW. But, that never works for decorating a room. So….I take a deep breath and look at Pinterest wayyyyy too much! Here’s a before (which is hard to get photos of because the light isn’t that great), in case you missed it:


So far we’ve painted the room a lighter colored, moved in a bookcase turned toy storage, turned media center and moved the existing couch, side tables and chairs closer to the TV to create more of an intimate conversation area. This is a hard room to put furniture in. It’s a rectangle with two big openings at each end, so there’s not a lot of options for furniture placement. Even if I went out and bought whatever I wanted to fill it, it would still be hard to place furniture in it. But, I’m happy with this arrangement right now. It seems to work better than the last.

living room

The only issue now is that there is a big blank area where you walk into the room – behind the furniture. Creating another seating area would be awkward.


My solution:  A buffet! I’ve had this amazingly heavy, antique oak buffet from my grandmother’s house just sitting in my back room collecting overflow of stuff on it. So, I moved it in behind the chair on the right side of the room – right where you can see it as you walk in the front door. Love. It.


Then, I grabbed some Pottery Barn inspiration and styled it with items I have around the house. My flying pig lamp ,(cause, really…what room doesn’t need a flying pig?!)  some old books from my garage, a hydrangea arrangement, an old clock from my mom’s house, a drawing my mom did in a frame and a basket.


OH and I added that gold mirror behind it. Which didn’t work. So, I painted it white. MUCH better!


Now…I need to figure out what goes on the other wall. I’m thinking either a tall book shelf or maybe a leaning ladder book  shelf.


I may try that. I’ll keep you updated! It’s all a process!

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  1. Looks great, Kasey! I have a buffet that looks really similar to that that I use as a dresser. I like the way you staged the top of it. Cute pics of the kiddos!

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