What a busy summer we’ve had! From Disney to selling a house to moving and to….well, a surprise I can’t wait to tell you about – SOON! Life has been nuts to say the least! But that’s ok! We’re making it work! We’ve been taking what time we can and having a little together time as a family. Library trips, swimming, shopping, and just taking the time to have a bowl of ice cream on the deck at our house.


I haven’t had a deck before and I’m REALLY enjoying it! I have my coffee in the mornings out on it when I check emails and get ready for my days. It’s a great little time-out spot during the day, too! When I need a break, I just head out and sit in the quiet. Thankfully, it’s shady out there until later in the day, so it’s staying nice and cool. Well, as cool as it can be for August and the Illinois humidity. haha! Just the other morning we were all having breakfast on the deck – cinnamon rolls from a tube.


Yep. We’re doing things the easy way right now. What’s even  more exciting is that my 9 year old can make these all by herself and is loving it! She loves to make a meal – even if it’s refrigerated cinnamon rolls – and serving us all. I kinda like it, too!



While we were all sitting there, my youngest, Sydney, grabbed her placemat and put it on the deck. She then took her plate with her cinnamon roll and her drink and placed it on the mat and proceeded to tell me to get my camera and take a picture of it.


I think I have a little blogger int he making! How sweet is it that she wanted to be like her Mommy and take pictures of her food?! I love it!


It won’t be long and these lazy mornings and unstructured days will come to an end and I’ll probably be wishing we were back to the craziness of summer when it’s replaced with the even more hectic days of school, homework and after school activities! But, for now…I’ll enjoy today and what time we have left before the school bells ring. I hope you’re having a great summer! Be on the lookout for my Top Secret project that will be announced later this month AND for my Disney Series. I have so many tips to share that you need to know when planning your own Disney World Trip!




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