It was “H” week at Ella’s Preschool this week. I just love theme weeks. I guess I enjoy them since I really don’t remember doing them as a child. I just remember going to school. So, I particularly enjoy living vicariously through my child. That is why we have them, right?! HaHa!

Monday was Favorite Hat Day – Ella wore a big, floppy hat from her favorite store, Gymboree.

Wednesday was Super Hero Day –  Ella was Flower Girl – able to make flowers grow quickly with magical water.

Thursday was Crazy Hair Day – Rainbow Hair girl.

I’m thinking that Crazy Hair Day was my, I mean, Ella’s favorite day. I really didn’t know how using 3 different colors of spray on her light colored hair would turn out. I was afraid it would turn black or purple by mixing all the colors together.

But, it didn’t.

I think it turned out really well! I was also afraid we’d have a hard time washing it out – but it came out just fine! No stained scalp or tears.

Wonder what the next theme week will be?! I’m sure I – I mean, Ella will enjoy it!

So, what do you think? Do you enjoy theme related activities at your child’s school or do you feel they are more hassle than good?

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  1. So does your daughter have to do something special every day that she goes to preschool? I think that’d be a little much for me. I do like themes though. My daughter school learns about a new topic (colors, dinosaurs, plants, etc) each week and then they have sharing at the end and they can bring something to share about that topic if they want.

    1. Oh no – it’s not weekly! I don’t believe I’d be into that either. Too much work! haha!

      This is just the 2nd time this year we’ve had a theme week where the kids dressed up or took something with them.

      We do have a new number and letter each week and a corresponding topic each day to go with it.

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