We had an impromptu yard-sale this weekend. Have you ever heard of such a thing?! Well, I hadn’t either.

Our garage was stuffed to the brim with 3 years of “stuff”. We had boxes of old daycare toys, tubs of out-grown clothes, knick knacks, office supplies, kitchen items, bikes, books and more stuff that you can even imagine in there. So, when our neighborhood yard-sales came around, we decided to grab a couple or six tables from our church and just start pulling stuff out to start selling.

We started setting out items at 1:30pm for the sale to start at 3pm. Yep, we’re crazy like that sometimes. But, with a house full of kids here daily, there doesn’t leave much time for planning and organizing something like that. If you did, you’d be WAY overwhelmed.

So, we just jumped in and decided we’d get done what we could and wouldn’t stress about it and boy, am I glad we did! The weather was beautiful and the die-hards were out in full force. We sold a ton of stuff between the both days, made some cash PLUS cleared out a bunch of stuff. I could actually pull my van in now if I wanted to! Yay! You have no idea how much better I feel!

lemonade stand

The kids even got into the yard-sale fun and sold Lemonade to our shoppers. They  didn’t make more than our first famous attempt at a lemonade stand, but they did make $8! Much more than I ever made! They were so excited!

Both Ella and Andrew were such troopers for the long two days of mom and dad being so busy and having to hang out, so we took them to a fun pizza and game place for dinner. They were more than thrilled and I am worn out!

Looking forward to a much slower pace tomorrow! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!



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  1. We love having yardsales! Though my hubby and MIL never throw anything out after.. it goes back on the front porch.. maybe in 5 years they will sell that crappy thing for 50 cents. Haha

    Love that kids sold lemonade!

    1. It’s so hard to get rid of stuff! I would give people the whole history behind a baby gown, table, or toy right after they asked for a price. They looked at me like I was crazy! LOL~

  2. We are pulling stuff for a yard sale. The debate here is if we can get it in July or do wait until August. Seeing how I only have one box of stuff … I am thinking August as I really need to go through the other rooms to pull stuff!!

    YAY for the last minute success!!

    1. It’s so hard to pull off a yardsale when you plan it. Love how we just did it! Nothing to stress about and it was done in 2 days.

      You might need to clear out a few more rooms before you have one tho! hahah!!

  3. Jenny Lenczycki says:

    Man! I wish I would have known to come – I have wanted the laugh & learn house for Jacob!! I’m so ready for July 15-16th to come to get all this crud out of my basement!!

    1. OH, I’m sorry! I didn’t know either! haha!!

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