sponsorWe have one of the most spoiled pooches around. Daisy, our Bichon/Havanese, has been a part of our family for 6 years now. She came to us as a puppy and quickly became loved by our whole family, but was mostly our oldest daughter’s best friend. They were always together. But, now Ella is in school and Sydney, 3, is home all day. Guess who are the bestest friends now?? YEP! Daisy and Sydney.

Daisy Dog

They play all day. Even when Daisy just wants to lay around and be lazy while waiting on Ella to come home from school, Sydney makes sure she gets in her exercise by playing. Sydney loves to cuddle with her while watching afternoon cartoons, take her on walks, dress her up in baby clothes and even sneak her part of her morning snack.

Sydney and Daisy

Of course, Daisy gets her own food that’s pretty good for her, too. Only THE very best for our sweet girl from the time she was a puppy. IAMS.

Iams Proactive Health

IAMS Proactive Health is about giving your dog the very best she can get. By feeding your dog IAMS, you will see a visible difference in their energy, skin, coat and digestion. By not adding fillers, IAMS is 100% proactive nutrition for your pet. What’s even better is that IAMS® guarantees satisfaction, or your money back! There’s no risk in trying Iams for your best furry pal. I have a feeling you’ll both see a difference and be hooked!

Iams Proactive Health

We’ve always loved IAMS in our household. From the time Daisy was a puppy until now. Plus, we also give it to our cat. Big Kitty is now 16 years old and feels great! He has no trouble digesting this food – like he does others. He looks and feels great for his age, too!


Right now, you can get your very own FREE Collapsible Bowl when you purchase Iams from Walmart. All you have to do after purchasing one of the participating IAMS Proactive Health, Healthy Naturals, Grain Free or Premium Protection eligible products at Walmart, is text “DOGBOWL” with a photo of their receipt to 811811 to get a free collapsible dog bowl. This offer is valid on purchases made from 9/15/15 – 11/30/15. There are 36 participating SKUs in the IAMS Proactive Health, Healthy Naturals, Grain Free and Premium Protection line that are eligible – so you’re sure to be able to pick up your favorite food AND get a FREE Collapsible Bowl!


Iams Proactive Health

You can see a full list of participating products here: http://www.iamsrewards.com/Support.aspx#products

You can also get more information either via the short code or by visiting IamsRewards.com.

Thanks you to IAMS and Lunchbox for sponsoring today’s post. Of course, all thoughts are my own, as always! 


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