Are you tired of feeling as though you’re throwing away pounds of fruit each and every week? All you need to do is figure out how to store fresh fruit! With these simple tips, you’ll be eating your fruit in plenty of time before you ever have to worry about tossing it in the trash!

Now, more than ever, wasted food should not be happening! Instead of feeling like you’re just throwing money away, why not take the time to figure out how to make it last as long as possible? Fresh fruit is a great snack to have on hand so these simple tips can help you to extend the life of your fruit for as long as you possibly can.

how to store fresh fruit

What fruits should not be refrigerated?

One of the biggest issues that many people have is that they think that all fruits have to be put in the fridge. This isn’t the truth! Peaches and plums are two of the fruits that you need to keep out on the counter so that they continue to ripen and get ready to eat.

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons aren’t meant to be stored in the fridge, either.

How do you store fruit in the fridge?

The easiest tip to remember is that stored fruit in the fridge will remain fresh and ready to eat as long as you store it in its containers that they’re purchased in.

How to Store Fresh Fruit

When it comes to storing fruit in your fridge, here are a few other tips that you can easily keep in mind.

  • Once you add berries to the fridge, they’re going to last about a week

As long as you keep berries in the fridge and keep them cool, you should have up to about 7 days to eat them. That’s a long amount of time for fresh fruit consumption!

  • Storing fruit in plastic bags can be good for longevity

BUT this is only true if the plastic bag has holes in it to release some of that extra moisture. One of the biggest factors that will spoil and ruin fruit faster than anything is that it will start to grow mold from the extra moisture and temperature combination.

By cutting tiny holes in the plastic bag, it alleviates the worry of excess moisture and gives your fruit a longer time to remain in the fridge to eat.

As you can tell, storing fresh fruit is a dilemma that millions of people deal with each and every day. Just by following along with these simple tips and ideas, you can easily keep your fruit as fresh as possible for as long as possible to enjoy for many days without worry.

Do you have any extra tips on how to store fresh fruit?

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