They say that with each child you don’t keep track of how far you are along near as much as with the first baby. I’d have to say that’s true since I just realized that I am 11 weeks away from delivery day and maybe sooner if baby #3 decides to come before my 3rd c-section date! AHHHHHH!!! I am not ready!

The baby’s room is painted a nice shade of white primer. Clothes are still in tubs in the attic and there hasn’t been much purchased to get ready at all. It’s been 6 years since I had a little girl and 4 years since my little boy was born. All of our gear has been worn out since I also use it for daycare kids and let’s face it…a little girl deserves her own NEW clothes. About the only thing I have ready to go is the food – since I’m the provider!

It’s time to get moving! I need your help STAT. Give me your opinions on your MUST – HAVE baby items and gear. Do you have a favorite sling? How about a favorite bouncy chair or car seat. I need it ALL! I’d love to hear your advice and you can link me up in the linky below to your posts and listings of your favorite items. Make sure to also leave me some comments about why I need your favorite item. I’ll fill you in each step of the way as I shop for new stuff and design and decorate a our baby girl’s nursery. I’m nervous and excited and can’t wait to get started! So, help me out! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


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  1. Sage Harris says:

    I have the Fisher Price Snuggabunny Swing and the matching Rock & Play. I got them both on Amazon. The swing is the only place my girl will nap during the day and the rock & play is so convenient for night time sleep right beside my bed. Definitely worth the money and has already paid for itself with my sanity! Also, I never thought I’d need one, but my Nuk Ready to Feed bottle warmer has been such a huge time saver! I got it at Amazon too for like $15.

  2. I’m in the same boat of needing EVERYTHING for my coming baby. It’s our first and we don’t have anything. I figure that at first all he’s going to need is a bed some blankets, diapers, a pacifier, car seat, and some clothes, oh and maybe a snuggly? Did I miss anything?

  3. Hi – I found you through the UBP12 and have had fun looking around. I think the baby item that has gotten the most use at my house is my Ergo baby carrier. For us it has definitely been a must have! I love being able to carry my babies when they are small…and I love that the Ergo continues to work well even when they get bigger! I still wear my 18 month old in it easily. 🙂 Have fun as you get ready for your latest addition!

  4. Jenny Mollerud says:

    Koke’s Kid Zone in Chatham has great baby stuff and you can sell it back to them when you are finished with it 🙂

    Just went to Old Navy and they have lots of cute and inexpensive baby clothes. Have fun!

    1. I LOVE Koke’s Kid Zone! I will definitely have to pick up some gear from there!

  5. Cheryl Reindl says:

    I have a swing and bouncy seat you can borrow if you get desperate. Diapers, wipes and you have the food covered. Onzies for summer babies and you’re set!!!

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