This year if you are unsure about what to dress your child up as, try these 23 Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids that are unique, fun, popular, and some that are really affordable to do.

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Halloween is always so much fun you get to dress up as your favorite characters and go door to door, collecting candy just for saying, “Trick or Treat!” This year if you are unsure about what to dress your child up as you might find some great inspiration below. I have gathered a handful of costume ideas that are unique, fun, popular, and some that are really affordable to do.

Fun Halloween Costumes For Kids

You will find costumes for all ages below, to fit your needs. Lots of really cute costumes to choose from! Owl, scarecrow, witch, candy bar, Minions, and so much more.

Halloween Costume for Kids - Cat Burgular

Grab some black clothes and a little face paint and you have one unique and fun cat burglar costume ready for your kid to head out and trick or treat in!

Animals on kids are always a huge hit. Here is a giraffe costume idea you might want to make for your little one. Easy and affordable!

With Despicable Me 3 just being released a while back, I could see a DIY Minion costume being very popular this season. Save some money and make a DIY version.

Halloween Costume for Kids -Bee Costume

This bee costume doesn’t take much to make, and is bee-yond adorable for a little child to wear!

A DIY cactus costume is super easy to make and works great on kids or adults. If you have a green long-sleeved shirt handy, it won’t cost more than a few dollars to make.

Check out this DIY Frankenstein Halloween costume. A quick costume to make that is a timeless classic idea.

Here is a DIY Laffy Taffy costume that is super sweet. Best of all it is a no-sew project. Just grab some fabric and get to work.

Homemade Kid Costumes- DIY Scarecrow

Mercy this DIY scarecrow is absolutely darling. Overalls, some patches, and an easy tutorial for a hat is all you need for this unique one of a kind costume.

Another cute one for a little girl or even boy is this homemade owl costume. This is really great to use up scrap fabric you might have laying around.

Create a DIY candy bar that your child can dress up as to go to a party or trick or treat in. This is a good costume for adults as well.

Let your child’s costume be out of this world fun. Check out this DIY solar system costume idea, that is really a breeze to do and fun.

Halloween Costume for Kids -Inflatable Tube Man

No Sew Inflatable Tube Man is such a silly and fun idea, and it isn’t that hard to make. Your child will stand out I am sure from other kids out trick or treating!

This spaceship costume is creative and fun, and really a pretty affordable costume to make at home. Your little guy or girl will look absolutely awesome in this costume.

Who doesn’t want to look as sweet and tasty as cotton candy? This cotton candy tutorial is a breeze and this costume works for any age range.

Make a last-minute witch costume for your little girl to dress up as. A fun witch hat, tutu and some black clothes and your set to take Halloween by storm.

Homemade Kid Costumes - Greek Goddess

I love this Greek goddess costume, a really chic look on a little girl. Something to make her feel like a princess for the night.

Have a newborn or little baby? Check out this DIY Olaf onesie that can be made in under an hour for a cute and easy costume.

Is your little guy or girl obsessed with LEGO’s? Here is a LEGO costume that is really quirky and different, and I am sure any little boy or girl will love.

Transform your kiddo into a walking mummy this Halloween! Super easy and a great last-minute costume idea that is very affordable.

Homemade Costumes for Kids - Poop Emoji

Learn how to make a poop emoji costume for your kiddo. This is one popular emoji so I am not surprised there is an easy tutorial to make it a costume.

Whip up this DIY raccoon costume in a hurry for a cute and easy costume idea that isn’t much to make. They have a free printable mask to make the costume extra adorable.

Here are Fred and Wilma costume ideas from the Flinstones you can create that would be fun for siblings to wear.

Check out this $5 owl costume that uses felt and glue to transform into a little owl ready to head out and trick or treat for the evening.

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