Well, we’ve been hit by the flu at our house – even thought we all got a flu shot this year. It hasn’t been too bad, but spread out and it lasts forever. Therefore, I’ve been using my extra time taking care of my sick babies and not a lot of blog writing has taken place. But, I miss you all and I’ve been working on some posts that will be coming up soon!

-Organizing my home office
-Creating a household binder
-Finding a couponing system that works
and so much more! 

One big piece of news I have to share is that my husband has finally been working the day shift after working evenings for 7 years! This is HUGE for our family as we’ve always been a family of us – plus our daycare kids during the day. Then, dad would leave and it was me and the kids til he came home after 11pm. We are so excited to be able to be a “normal” family for a while. Family dinners, walks together, the kids will be able to do extra activities  and so many wonderful things! We are super excited!!

So keep on the lookout for some great posts and more family stories in the year ahead! I have a lot to share!

side note: I am LOVING the Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer. It pretty much rocks the socks off of a normal thermometer and is worth every single penny of the $35.00 it is. If you have children, you CANNOT be with out this. RUN to get one for this flu season!




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  1. Cat Davis says:

    I’m right there with you. This has been a bad year for illnesses.

    But that’s awesome your hubby got moved to days. The years Jon worked midnights were the most miserable of our marriage.

    1. It seems that everyone has this flu. It’s so bad! I’m praying the new stomach bug that they are talking about doesn’t get us next!

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