sponsorAs the leaves start to change and the kids are back in school, there always seems to be a lot of  party invitations that come along with the start of the holiday season. Whether your family is invited to harvest festivals, school fairs, or themed birthday parties, costumes are a must in the autumn months. And naturally Halloween looms on the horizon at this time of year as well, making it a good time to start thinking about costume ideas! Here are five cute costume ideas for kids that have seasonal influences, ideal for any birthday party or fall festival that they might be invited to. Use this as a jumping off point for your own creativity!

5 Cute Costume Ideas for Autumn Parties

1. Woodland Creatures

Is there anything cuter than a child dressed up as a black cat or furry bear? Woodland creatures are great costumes for little ones, and they fit right into the autumn theme. Rusty colored foxes and deer match the falling leaves, and bats, cats, and spiders lean towards the Halloween side of the season. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, this type of costume is easy to put together, and there’s also a wide range of cute costumes for sale in the online party shops as well. Draw on whiskers with makeup to complete the look.

2. Favorite Character

World Book Day might not be until March, but now’s a good time to start thinking about character costumes that can be worn on several occasions. In addition to book characters, your child’s favorite film characters always makes a good costume for a variety of occasions. Are you thinking of throwing a party this autumn? You might want to choose a Star Wars, comic book, or Disney character theme. Start browsing through the princess or Star Wars fancy dress at Funidelia for more film and book character-themed ideas.

3. Scarecrow

While animal and character costumes are great for a variety of occasions, scarecrows are particularly perfect for harvest festivals. This is also a very budget-friendly costume idea for the whole family, because you can often put it together just with clothes you have at home. Dungarees are great, but plain old jeans and flannel shirts will also do! Pair these with your wellies and then stuff your clothing with a few strategically placed strands of hay or straw.

4. Pumpkin

Like black cats and witches, pumpkins are a traditional and adorable costume idea for children. Again, this is the type of costume that you can make yourself with a bit of practice, or you could opt to buy a pre-packaged costume. For a DIY pumpkin costume, dress your child in a green or orange leotard and then sew two large orange felt circles together to make the pumpkin. Stuff this with padding to fill out the round pumpkin shape and top it with an orange beret.

5. Natural Inspirations

The natural world is another great source of inspiration for autumn parties. Think leaves, trees, flowers, and other botanical costumes. You could make these more whimsical, like flower fairy costumes, or simply dress up in an outfit with autumn leaf prints.

Naturally, the best costumes will depend on your party’s theme, so keep this in mind as you start sorting through all the options!


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