Do something different this year and try one of these easy Easter activities for kids! They’re fun for the whole family.

Each year I get excited about spring because one of my favorite holidays comes around—Easter. I love everything it stands for: rebirth, renewal, and hope!

With three kids who love to do projects, we all get excited to do a few special activities every Easter and I’m sharing a few of our favorites today!

5 Easy Easter Activities To Do With Kids

For easy and fun Easter Activites for kids, check out our top 5 Easy and Fun Easter Activites to do at home - from dying Easter Eggs to baking Cupcakes!

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I’ve been doing some of these activities since I was a little kid, like making Resurrection Rolls, and some of the activities we’ve just started with our children, like the Easter Garden.

I hope you can find an activity or two to do with your children this year and help them understand the true meaning of Easter—Jesus!


1. How to Dye Easter Eggs and Get Vibrant Colors

This post is quickly becoming the most viewed post of the month. I know exactly why, too. Everyone loves bold colored Easter eggs, and dyeing eggs is probably everyone’s favorite Easter activity!

It is actually pretty easy to make easter eggs bright and vibrant. You do not need a store bough eggs dyeing kit or anything too crazy to make these eggs. All you need is some gel food coloring and white vinegar! I bet you even have these ingredients in your pantry already.

My local grocery store has a few colors of gel food coloring in stock, but you cal also order them online so you get the exact colors you want. If you are ordering online, grab the Americolor gel food colorings, which are really bright.

Find out how to get those beautiful, brightly colored eggs every time with this post. Everyone in your family will love this project and your kids will go crazy for the fun colors!

Resurection-rolls (1)

2. Resurrection Rolls

Here’s a fun and delicious way to explain Jesus’ burial and empty tomb to your children on Easter morning. It is an educational project but also really delicious. My kids love to make resurrection rolls and also eating them.

All you need to do for this easy Easter project is wrap a marshmallow inside crescent roll dough then bake in a muffin tin. The marshmallows melt in the hot oven, making the rolls nice and sweet. But, kids will be very surprised to open the roll and find the marshmallow has disappeared!

This is one of my favorite Easter activities to do with kids as it really captures the spirit of Easter in a fun (and tasty) way. I guarantee this Easter lesson will stick and your kids will remember it for years to come!


3. Creating an Easter Garden

Making an Easter garden is a wonderful family project to tell the story of Jesus’ burial and resurrection. It is another Easter activity that is also fun for the whole family.

Creating an Easter garden is very hands-on and even the littlest kids can help. You can go on an outdoor adventure to find the perfect rock and let the kids help you gather the dirt. Older kids will be able to assemble the crosses all on their own.

Use your homemade Easter garden as your Easter dinner centerpiece. It is a great conversation piece and really embodies the meaning of Easter.

carrotcake cupcakes

4. Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

There isn’t a more perfect dessert for Easter and spring than these delicious Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting! They are truly a classic dessert and also one that you can make with your kids.

Have your kids help measure, stir and scoop the cupcake batter. Older kids will be able to pipe the frosting on top of each cooled cupcake. Everyone can try their hand at making little fondant carrots as decorations for the cupcakes.

I also like to make fondant crosses to put on my carrot cake cupcake to make them even more Easter themed. Easter cupcakes are a great family project that is also an ideal treat for Easter dinner.

surprise eggs

5. Rice Krispies Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats

These fun-to-eat and fun-to-make yummy eggs are as simple as making the traditional Rice Krispies recipe. The trick is to press the warm, homemade Rice Krispie treat mixture into large plastic eggs, fill them up with a special treat then close up the Easter eggs. The plastic Easter eggs act like a mold, creating the perfect shape!

I like to fill my Rice Krispie Easter eggs with Cadbury mini eggs, jelly beans or pastel-colored M&Ms. While this is a fun project to do with kids, it is also a great Easter basket treat.

Make a few large stuffed Rice Krispie eggs and hide them around the house for an Easter egg hunt. Your kids will definitely be surprised to find these and even more excited when they crack them open to reveal the surprise inside.

Traditional Easter Activities

We all do Easter egg hunts and dye Easter eggs, but the fun Easter activities on this list will help switch it up a little this year, keeping your kids engaged and excited about the holiday.

I hope some of these easy Easter activities become traditions in your home. We make an Easter garden and resurrection rolls every year and my kids still look forward to these family Easter projects.

Let me know which Easter activities you try and if you have any new Easter activities for me to try with my family. I am always looking for new ways to celebrate the holy season. Happy Easter!


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