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When I look back  from our twenties and just the two of us to now with 3 kids, 2 cats and a dog, I can’t believe how far we’ve come. I can’t imagine doing this life alongside anyone else. My husband is the most amazing father to our children that I could ever wish for. He’s not perfect all the time, but neither am I. We are learning to be the best parents we can be as we go. We share the ups and downs – the good and the bad together.

When Brian and I found out we were having a baby girl, more than 9 years ago,we were so excited. She showed up and sure gave us a crash course in being parents! Those long nights eventually got shorter and we welcomed a baby boy two years later! Being parents of two toddlers – WOW! That sure can test your parenting skills to the max. haha! But we did it! Now, several years later we have another sweet girl that has made our family that much better!


The five of us are learning to be a family together. From potty training to homework, I have my man by my side and love that we give each other the grace we need to get through the day. Brian keeps me balanced when I tend to get a little crazy with responsibilities. He encourages me to take breaks and even shows up unannounced during the workday with my favorite coffee made with coconut milk in one hand and sushi in the other. He knows what I need and when I need it.


He’s the guy that’s in the backyard throwing the football to his son until he can’t see it in the dark anymore. The dad who lifts his 9 year old up in cheerleading stunts so she can practice her moves. And the daddy who give his littlest, sweet girl a bath in the evenings and knows how to brush her curly hair just right and even put it in a pony tail. He’s doing the absolute best that he can. We both are. And I love that! It makes holidays like Father’s Day a great reason to celebrate! This Father’s Day, who do you want to celebrate? You can let a dad know they’re #DoinGood by sharing this video with them. You can follow along to see positive parenting stores at #DoinGood


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  1. Thanks babe. I wouldn’t be anything without you.
    P.S. You need to let me know when you are posting these things so I don’t read them at work! ?

    1. I’ll be sure to mention it next time. 🙂

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