Are you eager to expand your baking skills and make your own sourdough from scratch, but have no idea if you even have the right tools to start? Stick around to discover the Essential Sourdough Tools for the Best Bread!

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Making sourdough can seem intimidating at first, especially if you’re just starting out on your sourdough journey. After all, there seems to be an endless variety of specialized tools and equipment needed for successful sourdough baking, right?!

That’s exactly what I thought until I bit the bullet and made my first batch of homemade sourdough bread, using only what I already had in my kitchen. 

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Essential Sourdough Tools for the Best Bread

As my confidence grew, I also started making my own sourdough starter while still keeping my kitchen tools to the bare essentials. 

Making your own sourdough opens up a world of bread-baking possibilities. Soon, you’ll feel adventurous enough to make Sourdough Waffles, fluffy dinner rolls, sourdough pizza bases, and more!

In this guide, I’ll show you the essential sourdough tools for the best bread. You’ll be surprised to find that you probably already have most of these tools in your kitchen. However if not, you can get resourceful with easy workarounds. Or, use it as an excuse to go out and add to your kitchen equipment!

Bowls of sourdough starter.

The Must-Have Tools to Make Sourdough

Making sourdough can be as simple as requiring a sourdough starter and some sort of baking container, such as a cake pan. As soon as you want to advance your sourdough baking, it makes sense that this will require a few additional tools for your disposal.

Here are my top sourdough-making tools that I recommend for beginners and intermediate bakers:

Sourdough Starter

A sourdough starter is the fermentation of water and flour which creates a culture of wild yeasts. It’s the culture that leavens the sourdough, providing sourdough bread flavor and texture. While sourdough starter can be purchased online and at local bakeries, there’s no reason why you can’t make your own from scratch.

A weck jar or a straight-sided clear vessel is a must-have for storing your sourdough starter. This will allow you to see how far the sourdough starter has increased in volume.

Learn how to make a sourdough starter here! It’s easier than you think!

Kitchen Scale

A digital kitchen scale is another important tool to use if you want to become a serious baker. One of the main reasons that baking recipes don’t turn out as intended is due to improper measuring. It can be hard to measure accurately with cups!

Therefore, a food scale is a simple tool that will save you from disappointment and can be used for all your baking needs from sourdough to cakes, cookies, and beyond!

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper makes the process of transferring sourdough from the kitchen countertop to the Dutch oven hassle-free.

Double Dutch Oven

A double Dutch oven is a great sourdough tool that will create that mouth-watering crusty topping on your bread. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to make oval-shaped sourdough using a double Dutch oven.

A double Dutch oven that is 5-6 quarts in size is a great option. It’s slightly larger than the standard loaf. Alternatively, consider using Le Creuset or Staub.

If your heart is set on baking oblong or oval-shaped sourdough bread, I highly recommend investing in the Challenger Bread Pan. Its size and shape accommodate different-shaped loaves, making it perfect for bread-baking enthusiasts!

Four images showing the process of shaping sourdough dough.

Mixing Bowls with Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels are brilliant for covering proofing dough, keeping it warm and moisture-free.

Alternatively, consider using special proofing baskets made from natural cane (also known as banneton baskets). They allow for dough expansion and absorb excess moisture.

Bench Scraper

You can reduce the handling of your sourdough by shaping it and scraping it with a bench scraper! It’s great for dividing the bread dough, cleaning the countertop, and scooping up ingredients.


Temperatures need to be measured at different stages of bread making, and a good quality instant thermometer will do the trick!

If your house or kitchen is prone to temperature fluctuations, consider investing in an ambient thermometer. These allow you to have a better awareness of the temperature of your environment.

Rice Flour

White rice flour is great for dusting the top of your sourdough bread for that beautiful rustic artisan look, contrasting the auburn hue of the baked bread with the white powder. It also doesn’t burn like regular wheat flour and can be added to proofing baskets or towels to prevent sticking.

Bread Knife

A sharp serrated bread knife is an essential tool for creating clean and evenly sliced bread.

Bowl Scraper or Spatula

A flexible bowl scraper or rubber spatula is extremely helpful when it comes to mixing bread dough and scraping out the mixing bowls.

Decorating Tools

While not exactly essential, razor blades or bread lames can be used to create beautiful designs on your sourdough before the bread is baked.

The Verdict

While sourdough bread can seem complicated, once you know the essential tools required to make your first loaf, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried it sooner! Most of the essential sourdough tools for the best bread are likely to already be in your kitchen, especially if you bake regularly.

What other tools do you use or recommend for making sourdough bread? Leave a comment below – I’d love to know!

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