It’s really hard to believe that the summer is coming to an end. While it lasted almost three months, it went quick. With a big vacation right at the beginning of the summer, putting our house up for sale, selling it in record time, (less than 48 hours to be exact) packing, moving and getting settled. It didn’t seem like there was much free time for just hanging out. Of course, I felt a little mommy guilt for my kids who didn’t really enjoy as much extra activities as normal this summer. But, we did do our best to add in some special moments whenever possible. Like when we first moved. We had one night where we had sundaes on our new back deck.


My kids LOVE ice cream so we have it often. BUT we don’t normally add toppings for sundaes. So, it was treat for them to be able to add hot fudge, butter scotch and caramel to this sweet treat. It was for mom and dad, too!


Even though life gets a little crazy, it’s those little moments of togetherness the kids will remember. It’s not the big fancy vacations and best selling toys the kids will remember in 20 years – it will be sitting on the deck and enjoying a sundae together after a day of craziness.


One of our favorite traditions is having ice cream right after “Meet The Teacher” night. The kids look forward to it every year. This year I think we’ll make head back to our house, sit on the deck and pull out the Smucker’s Toppings and make ourselves some sundaes. Because ANYDAY can be a Sundae Fundae when you add a few unexpected toppings into your day!


So, I’m going to get rid of that mommy guilt the last few days of summer and make some memories that last for us all! I’m pulling out all the stops and making the biggest and best sundaes yet! I just know the kids will love that more than any other “gift” I can give them!

What are you planning these last days of summer?

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  1. Jennifer Stewart says:

    I loved working on this campaign and my kids loved to get to have ice cream right after school! Great job on your post!!

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