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The holidays are here and life seems crazy already. From Christmas programs to Holiday get togethers, there ‘s something going on each week. Add in the hustle and bustle of shopping and decorating plus normal everyday life, and you’ve got a jammed  packed scheduled. But it’s important to not get so caught up in the season that you don’t connect with with those around you. Having dinner together each night, tucking the kids into bed and reading stories are all great ways to slow down during the day. A great way to enjoy family time during the holiday season, decompress and have some family time is to play board games!

Family time with board games is a great way to create lasting memories!
Family time with board games is a great way to create lasting memories!

My family LOVES board games! The sillier the better! This mama didn’t grow up playing games but I’ve grown to love them when I see how much fun my kids have playing!


Spin Master has some awesome games that we love to play but our favorite is Head Bands! This fun, family game is one that they whole family can  get into! Hedbanz is the the quick question game of “what am I?” And  you never know what you are until you start asking! Figure out if the cartoon on your head is an animal, food or man-made object. PLUS Be the first player to guess what you are and win! Hedbanz is the game where everybody knows but you!



We get some really good laughs out of this game! Even little Sydney can play along at 3 years old. It’s fun to see her little face thinking about the questions to ask and pondering the answers. She is actually pretty good!


Spin Master also has several other games that are family fun games!

Quelf: Quelf is the multi-award winning game that gives random a new name! Use your creativity and imagination to answer crazy questions and perform ridiculous stunts. There’s only one rule – OBEY THE CARD! If a player obeys their card they get to move ahead! You’ll laugh until you cry with this outrageous, unpredictable, and fun filled party game. Be the first person to cross the finish line and you win! Enjoy a non-stop hilarious adventure with Quelf!

Would You Rather: Would You Rather is the zany game of deranged dilemmas and difficult choices. Discuss, debate and laugh your way to the finish in the ultimate ice-breaking party game as you ask: Would You Rather have to wear a tuxedo made of taxidermied squirrels or a swimsuit made of live starfish? Would You Rather asks you and your friends bizarre, imaginative, hilarious and occasionally disgusting questions.

Check out these fun family games for your holiday season or even for giving to families you know! Family time with board games is a great way to create lasting memories! You can get your own Hedbanz, Would Your Rather and Quelf at Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, Target and ToysRUs.


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