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Being a mom of 3 kids and 3 fur babies, I’m always helping someone do something. From homework to hugs and from back rubs to treats – there’s always something for this mom to do. I bet you can relate! But, thankfully everyone is very appreciative of all the things I do for them – most of the time! haha!

Dogs are More

Sometimes I wonder if we were a little crazy taking on 3 pets along with our 3 kids – but I’ve found that Dogs Are More! Dogs are much more than just a dog – they’re a friend at all times, a silly companion from time and time and always ready for a huge. They’re much more than a pet, they’re a family member for life!

I think that having a pet is essential for a family. It teaches so many things to everyone. From responsibility for taking care of them – brushing, feeding, walking, to learning about love and compassion for someone else.

Plus you get to experience what true unconditional love feels like because Fido will always come running for lots of love as you walk in the door. If you’ve had a dog, you probably know what I’m talking about. And if you’ve never had a dog, you’re missing out. They’re just THE BEST!

Dogs are never just a dog to the ones they love. They always do more. They never just sit next to us, lick our faces – they remind us that we’re never alone and also calm us and heal us when needed. Our dogs never just take us for a walk, they take us on a journey.

Milk-Bone is taking a cue from their dogs by making treats that always do more.

To have a little fun with your furry friend, try this GIF maker by Milk-Bone! It’s so cute!

Here’s our GIF!


I made the cutest one with our dog Bella and our kids! I bet you’ll love it, too! Make your own GIF for your doggy friend. Dogs are more in so many ways!


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