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Our summer has been a whirlwind of activity! We started off with a big trip to Disney and St. Pete beach, and came home to selling our house and moving. But, we’ve found some time to fit in a little fun and are creating summer memories, too!


Working from home means that I get to stay home with my kids, but it also means mommy guilt from working instead of playing. But, thankfully I can break my work day up into bite size pieces on most days so that we can have a little fun from time to time! Since I do work at home, I try to get out in the evenings with the kids. We go biking, swimming, running or even just to the playground. Just something to get out. Is it perfect? No. But, I am trying and #doingood. I think that anything you do to try to make time with the kids is special. You don’t always have to spend a ton of money and take the biggest and fanciest trips or buy them the newest toys to show them that you love them. What they will remember are the times you just hung out, laughed and had a good time together. Whether you are making dinner together or reading together, kids just want to be with you.


I love that taking pictures is so easy today. With iPhones, digital cameras and social media, you can save memories in a heart beat. Here’s a few of my favorites from the summer!





Such fun times! You can see it on their faces. Those are the memories I want them to remember. The happy times together as a family. Minute Maid wants to remind us all that we’re #doingood It’s so easy to let another parent know that yes, they are in fact #doingood this summer. It can be as simple as sharing Hey Kayli’s fun video with them, which shows an easy cold treat for a hot day. This is just one more easy idea to have in your back pocket for these last few weeks before school starts. However you do it, the small act of letting another parent know you see them #doingood will make a big difference in how they feel going into the back to school craziness.


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