Thinking back to when I was little, I remember the fun things we did as a family. Sometimes it was big things like a beach vacation or amusement park visits. While other times it was a trip to the park, doing crafts or playing games in the back yard. In today’s modern family, it’s harder to carve out time to do fun things. I am always worried that I’m not spending enough time doing the things the kids love to do. But, what I try to remember is that it’s important to spend quality family time together whenever possible! The trick is to remember quality time is key! Plan some great family activities to make those moments memorable that create a lifetime full of memories!


You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a day memorable. Spending quality family time together is enough to create memories that last a lifetime!

* Make it a goal to have one fun activity a month that you actually plan out. You could plan games for kids, crafts or even visiting a family attraction locally or out of town. Try to plan a event that  you can tie things in together. For example, if you knew the circus was coming into town, you could look at some fairground models to buy the kids as a fun before or after family activity. It provides something tangible to commemorate the day, and enhances the memory and photo of it. If you were going to go on a picnic in a national park, you could create a menu together of the food you were bringing and go shopping together.

* While the event or day out can be enough on its own, enhancing it with those little touches to make it more memorable can really make a difference for the children. Think about all those little souvenir shops. The small gifts you can purchase there can help you to remember the day you had at that particular venue. They can be taken home and played with but will provide a tangible memory to hang on to. Also, make sure to take lots of  photographs and consider making a album or scrapbook from the day! There are several online companies that have very affordable books to print!

* A fun activity to do at home with very little money is to have a pajama party! Make beds on the floor of your living room, watch movies and play slumber party games! A new set of pajamas, popcorn and pizza can make the night fun, too! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a day memorable. Spending quality family time together is enough to create memories that last a lifetime! Quality time with your kids is so important when you are working or not, so making each moment count is important.






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