If you’re thinking of planning a family camping trip, these 7 No-Fail Tips and Tricks for Camping with Kids will have you ready for any camping trip in no time!

It’s time to pull out the camping equipment and dust it off! Get ready for an awesome outdoor adventure that you and your kids are sure to remember for years to come!

If you’re thinking of planning a family camping trip, these 7 No-Fail Tips and Tricks for Camping with Kids will have you ready for any camping trip in no time!

I’m not one to go camping on a regular basis but went quite a few times when I was younger. My husband, about the same. So, for my big kid’s first camping trip, I naturally let my husband take them on a Dad and Kids camping event with our church. I figured this was best for all of us involved. haha!

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They had a good but interesting time to say the least and loved it! So, now we’re ready for a whole family camping trip!

It sounds a little daunting to me, but with a few guidelines I’ve found, you can instill in your kids a love for the outdoors that will last them their whole lives and have a great time!

These 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Camping with Kids will have you ready for a family camping trip in no time!

If you’re thinking of planning a family camping trip, these 7 No-Fail Tips and Tricks for Camping with Kids will have you ready for any camping trip in no time!


Do: Teach the basics. It’s never too early to teach your kids how to properly approach the outdoors. From simple stuff like setting up a tent and campfire protocols to more important concerns like how to interact with animals you may encounter (don’t), and what your kids should do if they get lost (making sure your kids have a whistle and their own light is a priority).

Obviously, it’s your responsibility to keep your kids safe, but teaching them the skills they need can begin right away. Simpler stuff, like helping your kids pack their own camping equipment can be pretty rewarding by itself (as can shopping for some new discount camping gear of your own).

Don’t: Expect too much. “Fun nature hike” can turn into “misery march” pretty quick when you’re a kid. Know your child’s limitations, both physical and emotional. Fishing is another outdoor activity best saved until the kids are a little older. Most kids younger than ten aren’t too psyched to get up at dark-o’-clock and sit still in perfect silence for an extended period. This leads to our next “do:”

Do: Get on your kids level. Kids are natural outdoor enthusiasts. They love digging up bugs, looking at animals, throwing rocks in water, peeling bark off of dead wood, and literally exploring the outdoors. Help facilitate that impulse. If your child is enjoying using a stick to dig through leaf litter, looking for millipedes, there’s no reason to cut that short to move on to something more structured.

Don’t: Over-complicate. You’ll be tempted to bring along the array of child-entertaining electronic devices for those moments when things are quiet on the wee one is irritable. Resist that urge. Even a campout in the backyard can be a magical experience, but not if all the same “inside” stimulus is available. However…

Do: Be prepared to address boredom. Some structure is necessary. Impromptu games like Frisbee golf, classic campfire stories, even more complex activities like geocaching are all child-friendly outdoor activities. Having a pack of cards or a sack of old comic books is good in case of rain, too.

Don’t: Become a drill sergeant. While you may want to fill every waking moment with lessons, quizzes, and character-building exertions of all kinds (perhaps because that’s the way you were introduced to camping), remember that the structure is there to enable the fun, not the other way around. And that’s really the most important “do.”

Do: Have fun! Having fun with your kids is the ultimate goal of camping! Enjoy yourself and have fun and you’re all sure to make memories that will last a lifetime!

With a little planning, these 7  do’s and don’ts for camping with your kids will help you out on your maiden voyage camping trip!

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  1. Kuleana Campers Maui says:

    Great job writing this guide to camping with kids. It’s very important to think things through to make the first camping experience a positive one and not scare the kids off from the acitivity.

  2. Sharon Picone says:

    Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  3. Tammy Shelton says:

    Awesome Tips! We just started camp tenting this year. Such fun! Our favorite places to camp are Florida State Parks. We’ve been to 6 different Parks so far.

    1. Oh that really is fun!!!

  4. Fun haven says:

    Kids like outdoor camping activities like fishing and boating but parents should pay special attention to some of the aspects while going on such trips. I am also planning to go on a fishing trip with my kids and I am sure that tips mentioned in the blog will definitely help me. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Sarah @ Must Have Mom says:

    Great tips. “Don’t expect much” is probably the one I’ll live by.

  6. I let C camp in the house the other night and she made it the whole night but her back hurt for 4 days. I think we are glampers.

  7. I so agree about not overcomplicating things! I like to give the kids a chance to explore, pretend and imagine based on their surroundings.

  8. Great tips! We haven’t taken the kids camping yet, though it is on our to-do list.

  9. Valerie Remy-Milora says:

    Great tips! It’s never too early to take your kids camping 🙂 We took our 3 girls on a 10 day camping trip last April and it was fabulous! We slept in tents and the only down side was the time it took to set up and strike camp. The most amazing part was of course the awe inspiring parks we visited, and the enthusiasm with which our girls embraced EVERYTHING!

  10. Great tips! We have never taken the kids camping yet.

  11. Kimberly Grabinski says:

    Great tips! I don’t camp but if I ever happen too, these will come in handy.

  12. love the tips! my guys want to go camping so badly. I think our first attempt may be in the backyard though! mama is more of an indoor girl 😉

  13. Ha! I love the “misery march!” That’s exactly how my middle child sees it. I would love to take my family camping, and these tips would help make it enjoyable for all of us.

  14. Sara P. (@SensiblySara) says:

    Those are great tips! We camp with our kids at least 3 times a year!

  15. Loving these tips! We are planning our first camping trip soon and I am bookmarking your tips.

  16. Great tips! I have to work on not being a drill Sargent. LOL – My husband pointed this out.

  17. Mel Outnumbered says:

    These are great tips. We’re big campers and actually do tent camping instead of “glamping”. I hope we’re able to get a camping trip in this year!

  18. Yeah, my son needs a swift lesson in campfire etiquette.

  19. I loved our first experience together and can’t wait to take them again. They really seemed to have a great time.

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