One of my favorite times of year is right now! I love planting and getting flowers in pots and in the ground. The weather hasn’t been cooperating this week, but last week was so nice! I picked up a bunch of flowers for my front porch and back yard hoping to plant them the next day. Nope. The weather turned cold and nasty! So, I kept watering them but soon realized they needed to get into pots STAT!

Flower Mix

I picked up a couple of new gray pots at Ace Hardware for 25%  off which make them only $6.99 for the back yard, but decided to go ahead and re-use the pots I used out front last year that matched the color scheme going on outside and inside my house. Remember that I spray painted them last year? They’ve held up great! I thought about giving them another coat and I probably would have if the weather was nicer, but went ahead and planted them.

Flower Planter

Something I’ve learned along the way of gardening – always, always, ALWAYS use good potting soil. Never cheap out here. I promise that all your hard work and $$ will go down the drain if you skimp on the soil. It doesn’t drain well and it doesn’t feed your flowers. I always go with Miracle Grow Moisture Control potting mix. It has been good to me over the years and I can count on it to work! Another tip – try to buy your flowers when they are small and just starting out instead of big and tall. The taller plants have already been acclimated to their little containers and I’ve noticed they don’t grow as well once you put them in the bigger planters. They’ll do OK for you, but the younger plants have performed better in my experience.

Flower Planter Mix

The flowers I plant change from year to year but the constant is always Impatients. They grow well on my front porch. They like part-shade to shade and re-bloom from Spring to Fall. I love the soft pinks and whites. So pretty!


This year I added purple trailing Million Bells to the front of the pots that matches my hanging baskets. These flowers are hardy and re-bloom all year too! I’m all about color all season long!

Million Bells

I also added an accent of dusty miller, which grows faithfully, and some Verbena. Verbena really likes sun – but I’ve had luck with it in part-shade, too! If it doesn’t seem to work out later in the season, I’ll just pull it out and let the Impatients grow over the blank spot. Their great at filling in wherever you need it!


I just LOVE the cottagey look of these flowers together! I am excited to share with you how they grow and fill-in as the weather heats up!


I have another planter I use by the front door, but it needs a few more plants to be complete. I have Impatients and Mouse Ear in there now. I think I’ll add a green plant to go along with the mix! I’ll share it on Instagram when it’s done!

Flower Planters

These planters are going in the back yard. They get more sun, so I was able to add some plants that can take part-sun to sun. Vinca, Verbena and Mouse Ear should do great together!

Flower Mix

That’s all the planting I’ve done for now  – well, besides the vegetable beds! I’m sharing that with you on Monday. Check back! Here’s hoping this weather warms up soon and these plants can take off!



How’s your planting coming along?


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