After an unplanned, beginning of school adjustment sabbatical, I am back to blogging. That first week was a killer – emotionally, physically and mentally – exhausting. It was a big adjustment for Ella along with myself and the daycare kids. Our days are packed full and very busy!

Starting tomorrow, Andrew will start preschool and will be gone two mornings a week – add that to Ella starting Kindergarten, losing her 1st tooth on her first full day of school, learning to ride a 2-wheeler, Andrew’s 1st black eye and preschool open house…this mamma has had a lot of anxiety and joy over the past week! It’s an been exciting, scary, tearful and breathtaking week to say the least.

But, we’re starting to get into a routine and it will all be old hat before you know it! I have lots of fun posts to share and will be heading over to see what you’ve been doing the past week!

See you soon!


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  1. That is a packed day but I’m sure that the children appreciate such order and organization

  2. I got exhausted just reading that.

    1. You can see why I can’t seem to find the time to write a blog post. haha! I’ll get there!

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