Today I am sharing an adorable Valentine’s Day Party that was featured on my friend, Crecia’s blog – Real Family. Real Food. Real Fun. Such great ideas if you have littles at home! Make sure to hop over to her blog and check it out. It’s full of yummy recipes and great ideas! 


My girls hosted their first ever party with friends. We decided it would be fun to have a Valentine’s party. The girls are all preschool age but many of the ideas would work for older children just as well. We spent weeks planning, shopping, crafting, and decorating. It made for a really fun time for us to spend the cold month of January together indoors.
We made all the decorations from 3 different banners to pipe cleaner hearts, to my oldest daughter’s collection of hearts.




We decorated the table with a variety of craft supplies for all of our activities.


I got this cute idea from The Pleated Poppy.


The day of the party, my girls waited anxiously for their guests to arrive.

After all the guests arrived, we played Bingo. Just hearing and then finding the numbers was a great little education lesson in number identification.

The girls made necklaces with colorful beads and letter beads that spelled out their names.

We paused for a quick snack. For the moms I made my mini ham and veggie cups.
The girls made valentines out of lots of bright colored, glittery paper.

A great time was had by all!



CreciaI’m the author of a blog called RealFamily.RealFood.RealFun. I know, I know…long name but it honestly reflects me, I’m never short on words! I’m a woman on a mission to feed my family real food and encourage others to do the same. The blog contains tons of real food recipes and fun ideas for kids. Come on over for some real fun!

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