So you’re throwing a party and want it to be epic? While there are many online party checklists that will help walk you through the steps, details and timeline for planning a party, Jen Carver, of Spaceships and Laser Beams, is sharing her top five tips for throwing a great party. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your party is epic for all of the right reasons.

Keep these 5 tips in mind to ensure your party is epic for all of the right reasons.

Tip #1:  Invite great guests! Before finalizing your date and sending out your invitations, do some preliminary checking and make sure the people you really want at your party are available. You know the phrase, “the more the merrier”? It doesn’t always apply to parties. Don’t feel obligated to increase your guest list to include children and/or adults who won’t contribute positively to the atmosphere you want at your event.

Tip #2:  Pick a great date and time! There is nothing more disappointing than planning a great event and having a poor turnout. Avoid planning an event that competes with other school, civic, religious or major cultural events. While you may be well-loved, many of these other events have been on the calendars of your friends and family for months or longer. Doing your research and eliminating possible competing events is critical!

Tip #3:  Plan ahead! One of the biggest keys to a great celebration is being able to be a guest at your own party. The more leg work you do as far in advance as possible, the more likely you are to have the freedom to relax and enjoy your guests. So pull out your calendar, make a to-do list and your party planning timeline. Nobody wants to be stressed out, exhausted and running around on party day or during the party. Plan, plan and plan some more. In my experience, you cannot over plan!

Tip #4:  Serve great dessert or birthday cake! Almost everyone has a sweet tooth and looks forward to a scrumptious dessert. Serving up a great dessert or two (such as a gourmet cake or beautifully prepared cookies), will leave a sweet taste in guest’s mouths and a sweet memory in their minds at the end of your party. If you splurge on only one thing, make having great dessert a priority! Consider hiring this out if baking is not your specialty. You will be glad you did.

Tip #5:  Show gratitude for your guests’ presence! Life is busy. Most likely, your guests made sacrifices to be in attendance at your event. Make sure your guests feel welcomed, comfortable and appreciated. Visit with them. Compliment them. Introduce them to your other guests. Make it worth their time to have come. When they depart, be sure they know how much it meant to you to have them there. If appropriate, include a small favor as part of their send-off.

Throwing a great party comes down to much more than crossing off all of the to-dos on a checklist. A great party comes from preparing and working to create an atmosphere where everyone can relax, have a great time and enjoy one another. Keeping these five tips in mind, you’re sure to throw a great party that will long be remembered.

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  1. I can’t recommend planning ahead enough. In the past, I would wait until the last second to get things together, and any time an issue came up during a party, I would have to run off to take care of it. Having plans for when things go wrong definitely helps, and it allows you to really pay attention to your guests and have some of your own fun. Thanks for sharing.

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