As moms, we have several different jobs entrusted to us for our children. From teaching our children their ABC’s and 123’s to being responsible, respectful and financially responsible, these 5 Tips for Raising Responsible Kids can help!

Kids don’t just know these things, we have to teach them as they grow. That’s why I really try to not only model these types of values and behaviors, but I also like to give them real-life experiences to really live it out and learn each day.

From having an 11 year old, 9 year old and 5 year old, teaching values and life lessons look a little different. But, the overall goals are always the same. Here are 5 Tips for Raising Responsible Kids that may help you as much as they’ve helped me!

5 Tips for Raising Responsible Kids


5 Tips for Raising Responsible Kids

1. Start Young – as soon as your kids are old enough (think toddler) to understand direction and expectations, teach them responsibility and respect. From saying please and thank you to cleaning up after themselves, you have to start early on in life.

2. Teach Consequences – As important as it is to teach kids to do things for themselves, it’s equally important to teach them that their actions have consequences. If they throw a fit because they don’t get their way, make sure to follow through with appropriate consequences – always. If they forget their lunch for school and were responsible for packing it – don’t do it for them. They will quickly learn that their actions always have consequences – good and bad.

3. Praise – Always show kids praise for a job well done. Kids are more likely to respond to kind words and actions and remember how to do things when they are given praise instead of harsh words.

4. Provide Routine and Structure – When we know what is expected and what comes next, we’re more likely to do better. Kids are the same way! Learning basic skills for life by doing everyday tasks that happen in their routine is a good way to teach responsibility and it allows kids to learn expectations and be able to follow them easily!

5. Model Responsibility – Really showing your children what it means to be responsible, have good manners and financially responsible, is the best way to teach a child. Children are little sponges that take it all in. If they see you making good choices, they are more likely to follow in your footsteps.


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From teaching our children their ABC’s and 123’s to being responsible, respectful and financially responsible. These 5 Tips for Raising Responsible Kids can help!


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