It’s back to school time and I’m rounding up my favorite lunch box ideas for kids that you’re sure to love! When it’s lunch time, you need to have a great way to make easy lunch ideas fast. No matter if you have a picky eater or are just looking for new ideas, use these easy lunch box ideas as a great way to create a packed lunch fast.

There’s a lot of lunch box ideas out there, but these 5 top-rated lunch boxes for kids are sure to be perfect for some fun lunch ideas for kids! As with any lunchbox ideas, make certain that you’re filling them with a variety of foods. You can create a balanced meal if when the kids are spending the day in elementary school.

Use these ideas as a way to create the perfect kids lunch box in a fast and simple way.

SImple lunch box ideas for kids

5 Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Use these suggestions to create healthy lunch ideas and healthy meals for the kids.

bento box lunch bag for kids

Bentology Lunch Bag and Box Set–  Bentology Lunch Bag and Box Set comes with an insulated sleeve with a buckle handle, a translucent bento lunch box with 5 containers and 5 leak-proof lids and an ice pack. Sleeve is fully insulated, with a slim design that allows for easy storage and a buckle handle that attaches to backpacks and bags. It’s perfect for kids to just sit down and open their lunch box and eat at school! Everything is right in front of them to chose from!

This bento box is perfect for a turkey sandwich, whole grain crackers, fresh veggies, and other great ideas. For the school season, this is a great option to have.

plastic storage containers for lunch boxes

EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers & Insulated Lunch Box Cooler Bag– Designed with kid-friendly, easy-open lids for children, teens, and adults! Lid fit is snug, not tight; great for kids with special needs, allergies, picky eaters; make your own healthy “Lunchables”; pack leftovers tonight for a fresh lunch tomorrow! These boxes fit into a lot of lunch boxes that you may already have or in the EasyLunchboxes Insulated lunch bag cooler that is made of the highest quality 300D polyester for extra durability and toughness; for school, work, or travel! It can also be machine washed! 

Having a container like these is great for meal planning school lunch ideas. You can meal prep the meals for the next day fast.

Metal bento box for lunch

LunchBots Trio Stainless Steel Food Container- Eco-friendly, featuring three compartments, our small storage containers are the perfect size for nutritious snacks and finger foods! Kids and adults can use it for their favorite sides at lunchtime, or it can hold a full meal for toddlers. Dishwasher safe, too!

This child’s lunchbox makes for the perfect make-ahead lunch box ideas. Fill it full of fun food and their favorite things to make a well-balanced nutritious lunch.

Stackable storage containers with kids

Rubbermaid LunchBox Sandwich Kit- Modular containers snap together to save space and stay organized, and can be stacked to fit various lunch bag shapes and sizes. Blue Ice freezer packs snap directly to food containers, keeping lunch chilled for on the go at school! Perfect for adding to your favorite lunch box!

Great for protein boxes on the go!

Bento lunch box with kid for kids

OmieBox Bento Lunch Box With Insulated Thermos-Thermal insulated bento lunch box with two temperature zones for storing hot and cold foods. Integrated stainless steel vacuum insulated thermos food jar provides powerful insulation for hot foods so that your kids can have a homecooked meal for lunch!


Lunch Box Accessories

Make your kid’s lunches even better with these fun accessories!

sandwich cutters for bread

Sandwich Shape Cutters – Make lunch fun by cutting your child’s sandwich into fun shapes! You can turn a jelly sandwich into a fun piece of art!

how to cut shapes in your fruit

Fruit & Vegetable Shape Cutters – Cut fruit and veggies into fun shapes! Perfect for an easy snack and great for healthy lunch box ideas.

animal food picks for lunch

Food Picks – Add animal food picks to your child’s lunch to hold things in place or just for fun! Add in some dark chocolate chips and orange slices!

silicone storage containers

Silicone Muffin Cups – Place small foods into silicone baking cups to keep them separate from other food.


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